THE WISDOM OF ART by Rick Davis | Poetry | PAROUSIA Magazine

The rain
Is steady
As I let
The dog in.

Playing with her
I activate
Tender hemispheres –

Just unwinding
In the nothingness
Of being –

The Divine
Reaches down
Like a hand

And lost,
Or perhaps found
In peaceful

I seem
To reach
Earth’s atmosphere –

A glimpse
Of the expanding

In my mind

So I am torn –

Should I slip
Touching soul

Or should I
Be content
With materialism –

What side
Am I on?

At least,
Artistic balance,

I write words
Guided by Spirit
The way
The moon
Creates tides

And I find
That everything
Is mingled

Though living
Without inward
Is like
Perpetual sleep

So I feel
The tension
Like a worn rope
But with mindfulness

It is mere
Puppy scratches,

Healed by
This inward

Human beings
Are in perpetual

Appearing as
Cave drawings

But as
Thought reaches
Nonthought –

Producing dusk,
Waiting to be

I find
In my words
Radiant hints.

Universal Love
Is like
Being stuck
On a stone

But as my
Pen glides
Like an enzyme
Of God

I slow
My consciousness

And find
That the cosmos

Grasps my hand.


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Rick Davis lives in the Chicago area, USA.  He is married to Marianne. Marianne has five children, and twenty-four grand & great-grandchildren.  They have a loved cat & dog.  Rick graduated from Northeastern Illinois University, and several graduate schools.  He’s has worked in market research and other positions.  He has worked as a volunteer pastoral counselor at Blind Service Association in Chicago, and at the University of Illinois Hospital at Chicago.  He is an ordained minister and interfaith Rabbi.


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