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Kept Woman by Ojo Adewale

Ojo Adewale Iyanda releases a poetry chapbook, KEPT WOMAN (My Chronicles to Adun-Ni).

This collection of Love Song from the Poet gives Solomon a run for his money. If words are gold, this poetry book would weigh the mass of a planet. The Poet followed a regular crescendo in delivering his words to his lover, the Kept Woman, which climaxed through ‘Random Thoughts’ and the final note to the ‘Kept Woman’.

Whether you know love in the colour of a blooming Rose or the stench of a putrid body, this collection of poems will paint you a new galaxy of twinkling stars in the shape of Cupid’s face.

Samuel Amazing Ayoade

It’s a fine collection. The theme of love was well explored with a lot of Biblical allusions.

The collection is well knitted together. No off-keys. So, it’s fine.

Adesina Ajala

Download here


Top of my commendation is the twist you gave to love poetry, giving it a different dimension from the conventional style. The allusions to biblical events, places and people make it all the more alluring.

It blends simplicity and sophistication in a fluid kind of way. Summarily, you rolled out a good piece of art. I look forward to drinking sweeter waters from your fountain.

Oluchi Anyatonwu

Download here


About the Author

Ojo Adewale Iyanda

Ojo Adewale is a native of Osogbo, Osun State. A graduate of Applied Chemistry from The Polytechnic, Ibadan. He is a writer and a poet.

He is the author Being Enlightened, a book that contain life and growth principles. Adewale is the Coordinator of Book, Reading & Rhythm, an NGO that emphasize on the reality of reading.

He is a lover of God and emphasize the reality of Christ and Purpose. He believes a good love poem should not demean the sacredness of a woman body, but seen through the mirror of morality and deep affection


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