ALTRUISM by Rick Davis | Poetry | PAROUSIA Magazine

man sitting on street
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Bella jumps repeatedly
As though she is
Private sparkling

So I let her out
To run around
The messy yard –

She is excited
And amazed,
Barking and playing
Finding, perhaps,

Moonlight in
Early spring
Urban expanse,

Running back in
My arms,

Now, carefully
As if avoiding
Splintered glass

Then, she jumps
On my lap
To help me
Write this poem.

She slides to the
Living room
Daylight deep
In old windows

A homeless man
Who sings
In the street.

She glides back
To the office
Nudging my arm
Asking me

To watch this man

Who makes
Eye contact
With me
And has a hunger
For understanding

So I trip
Down awkward steps
To give him money

Before he gets away –

Still singing
His thanks

He leaves,

And I hope
He gets
Something to eat –

I suppose
My heart
Is a misty

Worrying about him,

But perhaps
There is

In eating alone –

A Zen
Sort of peace

To mask

Rumble up
The horizon.

Of the man,

I almost cry,

As though
I have

Marble arms.


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Rick Davis lives in the Chicago area, USA.  He is married to Marianne. Marianne has five children, and twenty-four grand & great-grandchildren.  They have a loved cat & dog.  Rick graduated from Northeastern Illinois University, and several graduate schools.  He’s has worked in market research and other positions.  He has worked as a volunteer pastoral counselor at Blind Service Association in Chicago, and at the University of Illinois Hospital at Chicago.  He is an ordained minister and interfaith Rabbi.


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