The Publisher of CHILDREN’S MAGAZINE want to sell the rights of the Magazine. If you are interested, reach Mr Pius Iyamabo on +2348106660020.

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Pius Iyamabo has published two outstanding editions of a peculiar Christian Magazine, it is the “CHILDREN’S MAGAZINE.”

cardinal anthony okogie

This is what Cardinal Anthony Okogie has to say about the CHILDREN’S MAGAZINE.

“It will interest you to know that I read the magazine twice and found it `ad rem,’ simple, motivating, interesting, educative and highly impressive. It will fill the vacuum created by the Penny Catechism and will help deepen the faith of our children.”

Anthony Cardinal OKOGIE


The Children’s Magazine is a great magazine for children and adults full of exciting and nourishing contents.

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The Children’s Magazine is a goldmine to harvest good, inspiring and educating content for children and adults with the interest of Catholicism at heart.
Fr John recommends children's magazine
The CHILDREN’S MAGAZINE is  presently selling for 300 Naira each on Okadabooks. Buy Here.  If you want to reach the publisher of CHILDREN’S MAGAZINE, Pius Iyamabo, please call 08028350880.

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