Jonathan Otamere
Every drop of blood that littered
From his body was a perseverance
Of the world’s agony, hidden in the
Dazzling mirror his tears held.
His body was a beautiful robe of redemption
Redeeming our sins into the hub of purity
Like a wind sweeps dirt
Off the aisle of a dirty pathway.
His death became a revelation of forgiveness
Writing every sinner in the book
Of sweet mercy, glory and forgiveness.
A King has risen
Heading for heaven’s gate
With a beautiful dazzling robe of peace,
Soaring the sky with wings of resuscitation
That awake every sinner
From the slumber of a sinful world.
Thank you Lord
For I see our names
Written in the beautiful marbles
Of your infinite mercy.
Christ is a beautiful diamond by the seashore
Whose beauty our deed rubbed with
The dirty mud of sins and hatred —
Some with a spiced spiteful spit of rejection,
With the angry stone of hatred
And others with the angry chant of death.
He slept in a three-day-journey of resuscitation
And arose with a soaring wing of forgiveness
Sailing into the sky with our names
Hidden in his robe of redemption.
If I were a god,
I could die on the cross like Christ;
If I were Mars(the god of war),
I would soar the sky with an angry dart
And smite the souls of men;
Like a hidden inferno burning from within
I would sprinkle the seed of retaliation
In the flesh of the spiteful Jews.
My soul will rejoice
But death shall be the flesh of my soul
Whose body lie in the tomb of anger
For Christ only, is the undying bud of roses, — a beautiful soak silk
That wets the earth with flowing water of forgiveness,
And a crystal marble whose bosom our names rest.
Jonathan Otamere Endurance is a poet who loves simple but effective works of art. He is a student of English and Literature at the University of Benin, Benin City.

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