POETRY | GOLDEN CROWN by Idowu Tolulope Elizabeth

    Idowu Tolulope Elizabeth


Standing out in the evening
Is a star fallen to the earth
Shinning crying until it got to the ground.

Tried and trampled under the feet of men
But holding the key to the bottomless pit to open the treasures and pleasures to men.

Thinking that the fallen star is the end of the mighty
Not knowing that it is the beginning of the shinning glory.


There is beauty in the ugliness of metal
In the baptism of goldsmith’s fire;

He is a perfectionist,  and would not give up until purity is found
Reflecting in the skin of polished metals.

No one taste fire,
Unless he had seen the hidden glory
Revealed by the nakedness of burning.

No one desires impure metals
Until it glows beauty
After the touch of furnishing.

He passed through fire,
And there,  He forged a golden crown To grace the head of willing men.


Out of dark shell comes white sphere Out of the obscure comes clarity,
Shell cracked and light broke out.

Moon is an idea of light
And stars are perspectives to past
These shines and darkness crawled away.

We saw the wonders kept in rays
That strays from above
And became witness of truth and liberty.

Idowu Tolulope Elizabeth is a student of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta,  Ogun state,  studying Biochemistry. She hails from Gbongan,  in Osun state. She loves singing,  dancing and writing. She also love impacting lives both in words and in writing. She loves God and love developing relationships with people. Being the first set of poems to be written out is my joy.


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