Poetry from Rick Davis


Sleepy neutrons and reclining protons –
Sliding inward, I find myself
At the edge of a map
Approaching a world of serenity
Beneath the apparent
Chaos, instability and discord
Of daily stressors.

In these times,
It is difficult to be surprised –

But moving from this inner solace,
I find peace in the straining eyes of others –

Beneath them is the soul of God.

Now, to only remember this.

You can read this publication in PDF format of PAROUSIA Magazine Easter Issue  by following this link


My inner voice cries beneath time
Trying to express love that is hardly shy –
Truth can be liberating,
Stripped from labels, reluctantly

Truth is what lies beneath clouded skies
It nourishes in constancy
Forever tilling rolls of purest grass,
Stumbling towards realization
Ready to drop emptiness –

Somewhere it will lie beneath sleepless nights,
Buried on occasion with labels and enslaving pain –

But beneath this defensive chaos
Lies something so sweet, so pure

And in the rising sun
There are expectations of wish fulfillment –

Nectar inside will rise up

We will forget together,
Starting life anew.


Rick Davis lives in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, USA., with his wife.  He is a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University, and has completed graduate work at several schools.  He has worked in market research, and in several customer service positions.



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