Book Review: Ogadinma by Ukamaka Olisakwe

Book Title:  Ogadinma Genre: FictionAuthor:  Ukamaka OlisakwePublisher:  Masobe BooksYear of Publication:  2021Number of Pages: 266ISBN: 978-978-57645-6-7Reviewer: Tola Ijalusi Book Review Ogadinma is the story of triumph, a story of Ogadinma’s journey to liberation and self-discovery. A story that stands for the voice of many Nigerian women who has faced abuse, and patriarchal oppression. A true Nigerian story.  A good girl of 17 who want to study Literature at the University went to see Barrister Chima for assistance in gaining admission but the rich lawyer took advantage of her, thwarting her dreams and giving her some money to ‘take care of yourself’ which Ogadinma later used … Continue reading Book Review: Ogadinma by Ukamaka Olisakwe