NO MORE EXCUSE! by Aremo Olalekan

I appreciate God for the opportunity to be a blessing to mankind through this platform and I trust that as you read, God Himself will stir a desire to be all that God has created you to be in this life in Jesus name! I have always been tripped by a funny mix of females in the scriptures. From the meek and lowly Abigail to the wild Jezebel, or the promiscuous and deceptive Delilah to the bold Deborah. They are women in the bible that I have learnt life principles from. We live in a generation where females hang between … Continue reading NO MORE EXCUSE! by Aremo Olalekan

IS IT OKAY TO BE FAT? by Aremo Olalekan

That girl is fat! “You will eat yourself to death soon!” “Real women have got curves” I bet you have heard this at one time or the other if you are of the plus size body shape and yeah, I know it can get at you a times. I’ve met a couple of ladies who will go on to starve themselves in the bid to ‘slim down’. Now let me ask you, who said that the slim body means a healthy body? Let me first debunk the last of the clichés at the beginning of this article, “Real women have … Continue reading IS IT OKAY TO BE FAT? by Aremo Olalekan