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Parousiareads is the answer you have been searching for?

Kindly be assured that all manuscripts received by us are treated with the utmost level of confidentiality.

Manuscripts of any lengths are welcomed. 

We publish a variety of Christian based and general genres such as Poetry, Drama/Play, Fiction, Non Fiction, Autobiographies, Bible Study, Biography / Memoir, Business/Finance, Christian Education, Christian Living, Devotional, Gift Book, Personal Growth, Relationships/Family, Romance, Theology, Children’s Book (4-8 Years), Children’s Book (8-12 Years) and Young Adult (12+ Years), Picture Books etc.

Note: Due to marketing and distribution constraints for Print publishing, we work with Nigerian authors only for now while for E-book publishing we welcome authors from around the world. However, authors who want Print Publishing and are not in Nigeria can reach us to further discuss the possibilities.

Digital Publishing

Parousiareads is ready to give you a qualitative eBook publication service which covers the design, formatting and conversion with beautiful cover and also put your eBook at our online bookstore and other major online digital stores.

Your book can be read conveniently on Computers, Phones and tablets etc. Get set to experience an awesome digital eBook publishing process.

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Print Publishing

Parousiareads offers exclusive publication of books in paperback both Hardcover and Softcover with excellent interior and exterior designs in black and white or full colour.

The publication of your book comes with the following

  • Book Editing
  • Book Proofreading
  • Book Formatting and Layout
  • Book Cover Design
  • Book Mock-ups
  • Book Publication announcement and newsletter to Parousia Magazine Subscribers
  • Issuance of International Standard Book Number (ISBN)
  • Email Push Notification
  • Social Media Promotion and Advert Placement for a period of twelve (12) weeks.

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Book Marketing

We understand the place of marketing for books and the result it yields for the author. Every book needs to be publicized to the right audience. You can trust us to use marketing services to give your books and other products the widest publicity they deserve through social media campaigns and other media outlets. We will give your books and products global relevance, recognition and the quality brand that is deserving. 

Distribution Services

Parousiareads is ready to help you distribute your books on major bookstores in Nigeria and online digital stores. We can place your book at our online bookstore and other major online digital stores such as Amazon, Okadabooks, Google Books, Selar etc. with all royalties going to you.

Editorial Services

Editing is vital to the greatness of all books. Typos and mistakes are an eye sore to a well written, outstanding and interesting book. Your book should not be a victim of poor editorial services.

Parousiareads offers professional and excellent editorial services that are in-depth and broad at a very affordable price.

These services includes a thorough check on spellings, punctuations, typographical, grammatical and linguistic errors. Also our editors would take time to do a good work on the entire make up of your book paying attention to vocabulary, style, narrative and much more.

Parousia Reads has one endearing factor which is accuracy. The team knows how well to get in your head and replicate your exact same ideas you have. When I saw my book cover design, I began to ask if there was someone else present when the Spirit of the Lord showed me the image. They were also considerate of a first time author that I was and made every step less burdensome. Thank you Parousia Reads! Thank you Samuel Tola Ijalusi!

— Oluwatoyin A. Olojo, Author of Beauty to Ashes

Parousia did not only give me a platform to express God’s work, but they were patient and guarded me very well being a first time author. I’m glad for their support..

— Chioma Okafor, Author of Fortified Singles Devotional, Fortified Singles Prayer Guide, Beautified Within & Deeper Than I Do

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