Beautiful Brunch at Poppy Seed, Newtown

Last Sunday, we went out looking for a classy but not over the top breakfast spot with solid vegan options. We found all that and more at Poppy Seed, nested on a quiet Newtown side street.


  • I Love – A Poem from Rick Davis

    I love to spend morning’s night — window’s nature simplicities/complexities, phone in left hand reading allusions exploring unwritten softening realms lost/found beyond thought exploring God’s risen passions traveling through reclining gardens floral Divine


  • Praise God by Rick Davis – Essay – PAROUSIA Magazine

    Praise God It takes a lot for me to praise the Lord. I grew up Roman Catholic in Chicago. It was other people who went around praising the Lord. It was other people who couldn’t stop talking about God. It was other people who ascribed the good in their lives to the workings of the Holy. Me, I was a little more reticent. Yes, I had a passionate inward conviction that my life was overflowing with blessings. Yes, I had a regular devotional life that I could not quite explain. Yes, I could sense the presence of God when there …


  • Reflecting by Rick Davis – Poetry – PAROUSIA Magazine

    reflecting reflecting on my life —i’ve sometimes foundmyself surroundedby bitternessanger, resentment& dishonesty though i myself admiti oftenmissed the mark — i suppose we all do though i believe my motiveswere (i hope)pure though isometimes went alongwith webs of existentialemptiness & confusionmaybe having a dimdesire to fit in but usually ihad the good senseto just detach a bit& just appear quiet but there was moreto me, than met the eye i hope that i’m not saying thisin arrogance or a sense ofsuperiority but rather what i suspectsustainednurtured & franklyjust helped me cope —sometimes even thrive was a deep attachment to theDivine …


  • Walk by Rick Davis – Poetry – PAROUSIA Magazine

    walk the pierced boat i boardis a crest of your arkbriny currents devouras a flood once didbut the ark is a hieroglyphof your transcendentblood pelagic fog concealsyour tranquil eyes. i offer you my isle ofpassions & affections swerve my deepest watersvitality & transgressions. as a maple’s sapseeks root belowin frost i crossseeking you — the eternal root creeds & doctrinescan’t controlthe sweetestmelodies of my soul secure my estrangementto superficiality as sanctuaries areoften chambersof dark invocations. to glimpse omnipotencei traverse withpoetry & seclusion seeking you,alone Click Here to Download Rick Davis Christian Poetry Chapbook – WALKING Rick Davis lives in the Chicago area, …


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  • Demystifying The Prophecy About The End Of The World by Psalmuel Benjamin- PAROUSIA Magazine

    Demystifying The Prophecy About The End Of The World   Everything that God created has a natural lifespan. Invigorate things are created. They mature then grow old and die. Even the inanimate wear out and expire. Kingdoms wax strong and wane, decay and die off. It is difficult for man in his natural (mortal) body to imagine living forever and not to die. God is the only one who existed before the beginning began as in Genesis 1:1 and will be the only one left when the earth and heavens would end. Because He is everlasting. But the heavens and the …


  • Book Review: Ogadinma by Ukamaka Olisakwe

    Book Title:  Ogadinma Genre: FictionAuthor:  Ukamaka OlisakwePublisher:  Masobe BooksYear of Publication:  2021Number of Pages: 266ISBN: 978-978-57645-6-7Reviewer: Tola Ijalusi Book Review Ogadinma is the story of triumph, a story of Ogadinma’s journey to liberation and self-discovery. A story that stands for the voice of many Nigerian women who has faced abuse, and patriarchal oppression. A true Nigerian story.  A good girl of 17 who want to study Literature at the University went to see Barrister Chima for assistance in gaining admission but the rich lawyer took advantage of her, thwarting her dreams and giving her some money to ‘take care of yourself’ which Ogadinma later used …