Beautiful Brunch at Poppy Seed, Newtown

Last Sunday, we went out looking for a classy but not over the top breakfast spot with solid vegan options. We found all that and more at Poppy Seed, nested on a quiet Newtown side street.


  • A New Year Message To Embrace Salvation Through Faith In Christ Jesus | PAROUSIA Magazine

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Welcome to the year 2023 and Happy New Year to you and yours. Today, I write to you about the most important aspect of our faith: salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. For many of us, the concept of salvation may seem abstract or distant. We may not fully understand what it means to be saved, or we may not feel the urgency of seeking salvation in our daily lives. However, the truth is that salvation is the very foundation of our faith, and it is something that each and every one of us …


  • Ritual for Crossover Night by Blessing Omeiza Ojo | Poetry | PAROUSIA Magazine

    Ritual for Crossover Night Hold the scripture in your hand. Open––open to wherever sayshappy is [ ]. Insert your name. There’s nothing wrongto be present in the book of life. Sanctify the season of griefinto the lake of fire. Bless the night breeze with its ash.Its remnant in your hand looks like salt––how is it thatit didn’t spoon you with sweetness? Look––time has ripened.After this ritual, this thief of joy you’ll not see again.I speak in the voice that’s not mine: this night,only you shall cross over to the land I am giving you.Tent metaphors from the grave that is …


  • A HEART FOR CHRISTMAS by E. C. Hannah | WINNER – Parousia Christmas Short Story Prize 2022 | PAROUSIA

    Chapter 1 Ijeoma “A heart.” “What?” I asked softly as I raised my head from my position on the floor where I was picking beans to stare at my daughter who had just answered a question my mother asked.  “Grandma asked what I want for Christmas,” she said, shifting her eyes warily like someone who was caught stealing meat from the pot. “I said I want a heart.” I looked at her tender face and my heart broke. How could I explain to my daughter that we weren’t even on the list for those in need of a new heart …


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  • BALM by Peace Ufedojo Haruna | Shortlist | Parousia Christmas Short Story Prize 2022 | PAROUSIA

    It has been eight months since I had an abortion. Today, I sat on the third pew of the second row. The pastor climbed the altar with his flowing buba. He brought the mic to his lips and asked; “What’s eating you up?” My chest tightened. It wasn’t the first time since the incident that I’d listened to pastors talk about sin. About evil women who would kill off the innocent life in them. I’d scoff and shake my head. The church always preached against abortion but shamed single mothers who made the hard decision to keep a child. If …


  • Christmas After Thirty – One by Adesina Ajala | Shortlist Parousia Christmas Short Story Prize 2022 | PAROUSIA

    Christmas After Thirty-One   1. The chilly December wind subsides just about halfway into the month, but to your surprise, it’s sweeping over Akoka-Ijaiye again. The sizzling cold is sending everyone into anything that can keep their bodies warm.   The whirlwinds are getting frequent too. Once they start, twirling and turning, rising like a phoenix, they would clatter everything standing in their paths into a frenzy of riot. People would scamper around, avoiding the touch of the whirlwind. They would mutter prayers under bated breaths as they dodge the wind, snapping fingers over their heads and shouting, “Blood of …