PAROUSIA Magazine Issue #3

PAROUSIA Magazine Issue #3 POETRY CRAFTSMAN by Oghenero Ezaza – Issue #3 Self-Righteous by Olaiya Tobi – Issue #3 BLOOD by Okuwoga Eyimofe – Issue #3 HAKUNA MATATA! by Onwuchuruba Francis Ikedichukwu – Issue #3 I FELL ON MY KNEES by Kariuki wa Nyamu – Issue #3 EXTINGUISHED by Ugochukwu Chimerem Victory – Issue #3 In the Blind Man’s Shoes by Samuel Kamugisha – Issue #3 But My Spirit Holds by Chalya Princess Miri-Gazhi – Issue #3 SECOND HOME by Oki Kehinde Julius – Issue #3 AN ORDINARY PRAYER by Rick Davis – Issue #3 Cover Image Bolu Akindele Cover … Continue reading PAROUSIA Magazine Issue #3

A Wake-Up Call by Chigozie Anuli Mbadugha

I think it must have been the rapture that brought us all  here. In a split second, I’d heard the sound of a trumpet and as if propelled by magic, some of us were airborne. We did not fly for long, but suddenly found ourselves in an open space around a central golden throne. On the throne sat  the most beautiful person I had ever seen. He had  such a glow about Him that one had to look away because of the glare.  Beside Him sat a man equally as glorious, but a shade younger than Him. I assumed I … Continue reading A Wake-Up Call by Chigozie Anuli Mbadugha

Another Evening with Iya Tola by Tola Ijalusi

  When the clock rang by 5pm, I knew she was almost home.  She is never late to work in the morning so she shouldn’t be late to be home every evening. Coming from work most times, she would branch the market to get vegetables to prepare dinner and certainly the goodies which I always praise her for.  The backyard is her entry and exit, her arrival is quite alerting, the sound of the brooms and continuous greetings of the passersby and her call “e ku ile o” would make you aware that is if you are inside. Sometimes, I … Continue reading Another Evening with Iya Tola by Tola Ijalusi

RAPE by Awonusi Temitope Aina

You can read this publication in PDF format of PAROUSIA Magazine Easter Issue  by following this link  Religious institutions fight against sex before marriage, they preach against impurity because of the disastrous event that comes after it. The Bible solely warns in Hebrews 13:4 that marriage is honourable in all and the bed undefiled, but what about situations whereby one’s bed was defiled by force or without the person’s consent?   Larger percentage of people are being raped or abused yearly and they are mostly between the age of 3-10years old, maybe because this is the time the child easily … Continue reading RAPE by Awonusi Temitope Aina

PAROUSIA Magazine Easter Issue #1

Dear Readers, I welcome you to the First Issue, Easter Issue of PAROUSIA Magazine: A Christian Arts and Literary Magazine. I must mention that firstly, PAROUSIA Magazine (formerly only a blog magazine) now has a new logo and secondly PAROUSIA Magazine is now being published in eBook format (PDF) for free download. However, the PDF publication won’t stop the continuous web based publication on the website. I am grateful to every contributor for sending their works. This is the First Issue, the Easter Issue published in PDF. The issue publication will be periodic as we have three more publications this … Continue reading PAROUSIA Magazine Easter Issue #1


Growing up with Rambo, Jet Li, Jacki Chan and a little of Bruce Lee, I thought and believed that everyone needs a hero. And there’s usually just one per time. So for me the world was like a battle field, and I was the hero for those within my sphere of contact. Then I met Julia Roberts, then the world took another turn, the world could just be all about falling in love, having fights, then making up and having an interesting forever after. Then I GREW UP! I hardly watch movies now, but everyday as I walk around and … Continue reading WHO IS WRITING YOUR STORY? by Aremo Olalekan

NO MORE EXCUSE! by Aremo Olalekan

I appreciate God for the opportunity to be a blessing to mankind through this platform and I trust that as you read, God Himself will stir a desire to be all that God has created you to be in this life in Jesus name! I have always been tripped by a funny mix of females in the scriptures. From the meek and lowly Abigail to the wild Jezebel, or the promiscuous and deceptive Delilah to the bold Deborah. They are women in the bible that I have learnt life principles from. We live in a generation where females hang between … Continue reading NO MORE EXCUSE! by Aremo Olalekan


  Yet another year #2016, a year we all pray to see and go through with good health, less stress and plenty of goodies, but most things don’t go the way we plan and some things just happen that we really don’t expect that cause real pain, there are some other things that we just need to go through but we ignore them just because it involves a little or more pain.    There is a saying that says “No pain no gain” and yes the real meaning is what it really is NO PAIN NO GAIN.    Most things … Continue reading TURNING YOUR PAINS INTO YOUR STRENGHT by Babatunde Paul Taiwo


I was cross-checking the resolutions I made last year ahead of this year, then a question popped up in my mind. Is resolution just the solution? I made many resolutions last year but I didn’t accomplish any. I know many people are in the same shoe that’s why this write-up is here for you. Making resolutions is as simple as imaginig it in your mind. Almost everyone on planet earth makes one resolution or the other but at the end of the year they still remain the same. So what is (are) the solution(s)? As the question popped up, I … Continue reading IS RESOLUTION JUST THE SOLUTION by Orji Prince


It is no news; every human was made specially. Designed specifically for a purpose. You must have heard it everywhere! I don’t need bore you with that but I just need remind you, for the sake of proper teaching; God INTENTIONALLY created you. God made you for his vision, it is the essence of your very existence. Running from this is running farther from green pastures into the wilderness. God as mighty as He is, takes pride and believes in you to make fulfilled the desires of his heart. You can’t afford to lose focus of that. Assignments are to … Continue reading HOW TO EFFECTIVELY MAKE FULL PROOF OF GOD’S VISION FOR YOUR LIFE by Aina ‘Mayowa Pema

5 Things To Consider In 2016 by Ikechukwu Amadi 

The beginning of a new year is always a good time to start doing things right and saying good bye to old and destructive habits of the past. I have put up a list of things you may want to consider for this year. 1. Pray more. Prayer is the pipeline through which we connect heaven. What that basically means is that God will transfer things into your spirit man through the channel of prayer. If therefore you fail to pray, you shortchange yourself and put yourself at risk of insufficient supply of insight and power for the new year. … Continue reading 5 Things To Consider In 2016 by Ikechukwu Amadi 

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE by Awonusi Temitope Aina

   L .O. V. E is a four letter word that has been playing a vital role in human existence to the extent that whatever one’s actions are ,it would be  judged right or wrong due to the presence or absence of love. Many have tried to find definition to this word and in the process of not getting it,they either give their own definition or they subscribe to the definition given to it by others.         Love has been defined as having a strong feeling or caring about someone and it has also been defined as a strong feeling … Continue reading UNCONDITIONAL LOVE by Awonusi Temitope Aina


“… As He died to make men holy, let us live to make men free! …” — S. 3, L. 3, Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory, Julia Ward Howe “Preach the word, be instant in season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine…” — 2 Timothy 4:2-4 LET US tell the Christian the harshest truth: it is obedience that reveals God; not sacrifice, not rituals, or the labours of his arms. Let us tell him, “Obedience is better than sacrifice”. Even as it was with the patriarch of faith1, that truth is marching on! Let us tell the … Continue reading LET US TELL THE CHRISTIAN by Oyin Oludipe

Of Hypocrisy And Religiosity In The Church by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

The level of hypocrisy in religious circles is just baffling, so much that I can’t understand it. What I don’t get is the way people are dedicated to the religiosities of their faith, say Christianity, but totally live the opposite in terms of spiritual expectations. Take for example a ‘Christian’ who does morning devotion unfailingly, is a member of the choir and other groups, prays regularly and is always present at church events – a good Christian. But this man is a chronic liar, secret alcoholic, a wife/girlfriend abuser, sneaky fornicator and a collaborator in pen-stealing. Take also a woman … Continue reading Of Hypocrisy And Religiosity In The Church by Kukogho Iruesiri Samson