New Book Alert | Thoughtful Teenager by Ekhoriyayi Arigidi | PAROUSIA

We are excited to announce the publication of Thoughtful Teenager by Ekhoriyayi Arigidi. Published by our esteemed publishing house Parousia.

Teen series is crafted out of my experience with teenagers and as mother of three teenagers I wanted them to understand first who they are in Christ in other for them to be thoughtful enough to define everything around them knowing fully well that God who already knew them before they were born is capable to walk through with them and make all their plans a reality. My desire is to see teenagers enjoy their teen hood so as to become a responsible adult in the future. – Ekhoriyayi Arigidi

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About the Author
Ekhoriyayi Arigidi is the Executive Director of a co-educational school Ilorin, kwara State, Educational Consultant and Teen mentor for teens4Christ with M.Ed and Ph.D. in educational Management from University of Ilorin and University of Ibadan respectively. She has been involved in teaching and training of educators and teenagers. She speaks at conferences and passionate about collaborative learning and encouraging students from her experience.

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