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Two Poems from Scott Schuleit | Parousia Magazine

Oak Leaf 

A poor outline of parched lips.
A blunt spearhead, blood-rusty and brittle with age,
long past its ripeness to pierce someone’s side.
The slender fragment of an old map
printed with the topography 
of a far, famine-smitten country,
one ancient riverbed running its length 
with branching, thread-veined tributaries dry,
brownish-red runnels brittle, blocked
with the petrified dust of sap.

It still retained a dull luster,
embalmed—the glaze of death
over the lineaments of surface,
the underbelly grainy,
lacking in the gift to grasp light.

Stem like a heart, darkened—
a channel drained and withered,
choked with plaque.
Blackish spots like tumors blossoming,
furthering its flowering into decay.

In my fist I grind it,
rubbing the pieces between my fingers,
sifting the chaff, 
culling the grist
before scattering it
as if seeds to be sown
over the thistle-rich earth.

*Oak Leaf was originally published in Christianity and Literature, Volume 55:3, Spring 2006.  The kind of oak leaf considered in this poem was from a Southern Live Oak.


There were those moments as a child, 
when epic dreams
beyond the borders of sight—
the margins of the world—were revealed,
offering an elusive glimpse,
a vague vision, like that time 
considering hickory smoke
threading from a dark, winter wood,
rising, dissolving
into the infinity
of a blue-gray evening.
Or, after the fresh of fallen snow, 
all alone in the starry silence 
of early morning,
finding myself wandering 
amidst the silvery-blue shadows
of smooth, softly glittering hills.
Once, it had emerged
upon entrance into a room 
flickering with orange firelight
and spiced with cider, laughter,
the wonder of each interval 
a sliver of light 
through a crack in the door,
flaring for a timeless instant,
unveiling a glimpse
into the dark of distance—
a whisper of splendor and mystery—
those moments as so many hints 
into the spaciousness
of the everlasting.

*Hints was originally published in Sehnsucht: The C.S. Lewis Journal, Volume 3, Winter 2009.

Scott Schuleit is the Associate Pastor at North Palm Baptist Church. He received the M.A. in
Christianity and Culture from Knox Theological Seminary. His non-fiction has been published in
several print and non-print publications, including: Tabletalk, Reformed Perspectives Magazine,, The Gospel Coalition, and Modern Reformation. His poems have appeared in
various publications, including: The Penwood Review, Christianity and Literature, and Critique.
He is the author of one book entitled: A Pernicious Correspondence: Letters from a Devil. He
lives in Miramar, Florida, and enjoys preaching, the arts, theology, good conversation, and
spending time with his dear wife Christina.

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