In simple prayers | A New Poem from Rick Davis | PAROUSIA

Sacred Heart
Love so rare

Hear my cries
Feel my prayers

You were alone
The world wasn’t home

But you came
In Spirit’s son

Touch our lives

Philosophy not missing me
Poetic truths

Touching soul
Debate is lost

In analytical thought 
Balance is what I seek 
And need

Giftedness in weak and meek
I am just a wandering sheep

Feel your living
Heart in me

See the stars
Guide my art 

Love divine
Hear sublime

Feed all people
With loving grace

Laughing eyes
Are so wise

See through pain 
Anticipating life

You set free
Chains of misery

Even though 
Love is annulled

And I cannot 
Measure up

I can lift
Your heart

In Psalms and praise
Feel your pain

Living God
Lightest love

Passion rains
So much is gained

In simple prayers
Of living art



Richard (Rick) Paul Davis has always lived and worked in the greater Chicago area, USA.  He graduated from Northeastern Illinois University, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary and other schools emphasizing neuroscience, ethics and spiritual studies.  He’s an ordained Christian minister and worked in market research, as a distance instructor & many volunteer ministries. He’s a well published poet and satirist, winning several awards, though choosing to publish in popular medium, mostly unpaid.

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