a bastion in the forest, a novel by Taiwo Olawole

A BASTION IN THE FOREST | Publication Announcement | PAROUSIA Publishing

We are thrilled to announce the publication of Taiwo Olawole’s new Novel “A Bastion in the Forest.” Published by our esteemed publishing house Parousia, this new book explores the crime fiction story of Yewande who was Kidnapped.

Behind the allure of the city of Lagos, a kidnap syndicate prowls, its vices going back decades. When Yewande, a young and attractive advertising executive, goes missing, there are no immediate clues to her disappearance, puzzling her husband and the police. While they hope for a ransom call, two resourceful journalists are determined to beat the police in unravelling the mystery. That quest turns out to be deadly. And Yewande has only few days to live.

“A Bastion in the Forest'” is now available on major platforms such as Amazon, Selar and Okadabooks.

Available on Amazon Kindle

Taiwo Olawole is the author of “A Bastion in the Forest'” He was born in Lagos, Nigeria. He attended the University of Lagos and Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. He has spent many years in independent missionary work and Bible teaching. Olawole has two daughters, Shalal and Shalom.

Phone: +2348065584494
Email: taiwoolawolebooks@gmail.com
Instagram: Taiwo Olawole


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