My Theology by Richard Paul Davis | Poetry | Parousia Magazine

My Theology 

You are the world’s echoes —
The rainbow of all who seek You.
You are my way, yet
Always sprouting and learning 
Through are fading lives.

You are fluidly
Soothing our 
Yet, watering growth.

You are Source
Whom we look to,
Yet are within.

You are the gentlest bird 
And  a suffering contraction
Squished so uncomfortably 
Into ingratiating pain
And wind-kissed joy.

You’re periwinkle and a ruby,
A sun terrorized for the growth
Of all sons and daughters 
Whom you mysteriously nudge.

You are a son
For all sons and daughters.
You massage my soul
Sending light and comfort 
Through sparkling grace
Offering gusts of faith
Simply asking for trust.

You’re flaming sun and 
Contemplative moon
The One I increasingly 
Cling to yet am 
Continually discovering 
You in my
Hypnotized lives.

You are inside me
Allowing me to materialize 
Some of your art
Eclipsing it with whispered 
And sung elegies 
Of my hopefully 
Ephemeral ego.

You rescue me daily — 
Are more than a best friend
And teacher

You’re the One I personalize —
One I, idiosyncratically, imitate,
One I kiss with more than words.



Richard Paul Davis is a poet and digital artist living in Crystal Lake, Illinois.  He holds a doctorate’s emphasizing the sociology of religions and is a graduate of Northeastern Illinois University.  He has worked primarily in qualitative research and volunteer ministries.  He once published under the name, “Rick Davis”. 

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