Honest Conversations with God: A Nightly Ritual of Healing by Rick Davis – PAROUSIA Magazine

Once in awhile
I have what some
Might call nightmares

Or confessional dialogues
With God, as I see it.

I’ll lie in bed,
Not uncomfortable
& actually peaceful

& my mind
Races happily
Telling God
My side
Of the story

& asking
For help
To rectify
Angry feelings

Usually when
It feels
Like some unfeeling
Or uncaring soul

Has deliberately
Annoyed me
To the point
That I ask God
For guidance

To rise above
Their mud

Or for help
Detaching from
The tangled & dirtied

That entwine
Heart, body & soul.

These might seem
Like nightmares
But actually
They’re a time
When I can feel
Completely honest
To God —

Like God
Is truly my best

And during
These nocturnal discussions

I don’t bull-shit God —

I’m totally truthful,

Not claiming to be a Saint,

Just a guy with
A few things
That can use
Some attention.

Last night,
I had such
A conversation
With the big-cheese

And then I
Woke up softly,
& Relaxed —

Feeling quite
Like a feather,
Hopeful, trusting more,
Allowing the winds

To whisk me up
To where I need
To be:

Within the arms
Of an all
& caring

So I guess
I shouldn’t call
These discussions

Rather, a true
Nightmare, for me
Is not having
This kind
Of relationship

With God,
When it is needed
More that the
Needs sun
& Rain

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