Searching for God: The Grand Artist and Creation by Michael Colon | Joy to the World Issue 14 | PAROUSIA

Art is a method of expression that involves imagination, personal experiences, and creative technical skills. Artistic expression takes on many forms, such as paintings, sculptures, music, film, literature, and other sensory-based stimulants that trigger human emotions and thought processes. Art is not just in museums; it is all around us, hung up and plastered onto every corner of life. From the changes in the sky, the colorful flowers that bloom during spring, all the variants of animals, and the noises they make, nature encompasses God’s artistic will. All of the beautiful gifts this world has to offer come from the greatest artist ever known. His name is Alpha and Omega.


The Grand Artist

 Reality as we know it was once just a blank canvas. God dipped His paintbrush into the palette that cradles pools of consciousness and purpose in each drip of paint. With each stroke from the brush came about the fabric of the universe and what we perceive as reality. In the span of seven days, the Lord painted and sculpted discoverable matter, and between the light and dark, a varnish of His blessings came to be. The sun was forged by His burning passion and love with a fire that resembles how the Holy Spirit activates in us. The moon was lit with His comforting grace to bring an elegant romance to the night. God knitted a blanket of crystals of pondermant to tuck us in. These stars are for the deep thinkers on their walks or the couple holding hands and creating memories in the night.


“In the beginning, God made the heavens and the earth.” Genesis 1:1


 For His final piece of artistic expression, He molded and shaped us with His hands, then gave one long breath of life that blessed us as His children, for he is our Father. Any artist’s most cherished work comes from their purest intentions that mimic the definitions of their mind and spirit. We are models created in His image through the source of life he placed in us. A light that just can’t be compared to any other. The Grand Artist drew a story arch for us to participate in, with character development, growth, and freedom of choice written into the plots. The most beautifully written story ever told started with the Author of time, and we walk the paths of history. A novelist is in control of how the ending will turn out to be, but a real artist allows the story of characters to tell itself, making changes when needed.



 All pieces of art have value without needing a price tag attached to them. Since we are created by the greatest artist of all time, our life has a meaning beyond dollar signs. Our life is priceless because we are a gift of creation from our heavenly Father. Society will determine our worth based on factors that come and go as quickly as the wind blows in a different direction. Life isn’t about who gains the most money or power; it is about appreciating the art of expression from the will of God. When we go to a museum and marvel over a giant portrait that resonates within us, do we change our minds because we find out it is not worth the amount of money we thought it was? Or come from a place that is unfamiliar to our upbringing?


“Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.” Isiah 64:8


 We are designed with a singularity unlike any other creation called to have eternal consciousness. A collection of experiences, like a scrapbook with pictures that are snapshots of the story we leave behind for others to use as inspiration. God created us to be artists through His vision of glorious works. When we pray to the king of kings and lord of lords up to heaven, the angels dance to the songs of praise, worship, and conversation. Giving our life to Jesus by letting go of the ugly and becoming decorated with salvation through transformation symbolizes the art of renewing one’s identity in a cultivating way.


An Explosion of Art

 To bring His vision to life through our acts of faith is being the artist. Fellowshipping, helping others in need, sharing experiences, and spreading His word are bringing holy divine art to life. Our actions are vibrations that flow throughout the world, causing the planet to spin in the direction of how we treat each other as a race. Just imagine if we share the frequencies Jesus wants us to emit. Every smile made, tear shed, laughter from good company, and emotion released are the leftovers from God’s will to be able to interact with the physical ride we are on. We all have a paintbrush capable of miracles to present as a project for others to navigate on a scale that reminds us that reaching heaven is achievable because we are saved.


“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10


 As artists, it’s our responsibility to make a colorful splash with the gifts and talents the Lord bestowed upon us instead of allowing the world to become bleak and lifeless. That would be considered hell on earth, which the enemy wants. People who extinguish the light from the Lord hurt others to find who they are. The golden bridge we walk to enter the presence of the Lord fills us with life and color again. The bridge is only as solid and beautiful as our belief in His promise. If we aren’t saved and do not recognize Jesus Christ as our savior, the bridge will turn to ash, causing us to free fall into the black void of sin. But, when Jesus and the gift of salvation flourishes, springs of life flow within us, a new tree of life and a garden of Eden as rich as our faith grows in the soul. This time there is no apple but an eloquent aesthetic of seeds to plant blessings. Rivers that are pure with His intentions, where we can see the colorful gems at the bottom float up to the top, are used to lay up into heaven when the time calls for it. These treasures are prizes we store away when we reach the next part of the journey.


The Searches End

 There are an unlimited amount of blessings that can come from God. An artist is a miracle worker for bringing creativity to life. Our miracle-working Father ordained us as artists from the moment we opened our eyes. Jesus Christ walked the earth to solidify that our salvation is the most significant expression of God’s art. Art is a gift from the depths of one’s awareness of thoughts that captures a unique moment in time that adds to our story while here on earth. Our purpose in this life is to grow close to Jesus Christ.


 So many, including myself, used to look high and low for a deeper meaning of why we are here. We can watch all the motivational videos, read all the self-help books, and ask all of our friends and family about what they think our purpose in this world is. We have to find that with God on our path. The purpose of our life is something that we are already living out every day, just by being in the image of God and exploring the art around us and inside of us.


“For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen.” Romans 11:36



Michael Colon was born and raised in New York City, and he attends a couple of non-denominational churches. He works as a security officer as a daytime job, but he is passionate about writing and constantly working on his craft. He loves to write blog posts, essays, and short stories that have introspective, inspiring, and spiritual meaning in them. HIs mission is to reach many people’s lives through my craft in a positive, thoughtful, and blessed way.


Before coming to Christ, he struggled with many mental strongholds that kept him from living the life God wants us to live. He was always afraid to express himself and felt lost in this world. As he continued to grow in the Lord, he was able to heal immensely from my anxieties and depression and found an art form where he could start to live a life glorifying God.



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