Like Calves Released From The Stall by Ayooluwa E. Adekoya Ìmísí | Joy to the World Issue 14 | PAROUSIA


Like Calves Released From The Stall
(For Emmanuel, on Christmas morning)

And they shall leap joyfully like calves released from the stall
Malachi 4:2

Before you arrived, we were charged
With law-breaking
Offenses for which we were imprisoned
Behind the bars of guilt
Wallowing in woes, swallowing reproach
We were destined for destruction.

Before you arrived, we were bruised
By a dragon
The adversary who bit us every night
Writhing in pain, laden with wounds
We fell under hell's spell
And became accustomed to affliction.

Before you arrived, we were slaves
To lust
Flames with which we fiddled our bodies
Possessed by pride, obsessed with pleasures
We treated our treasures as idols
Yet our quest was unquenched.

But yesterday night, we heard
A noel
Canticles of your miracle birth crescendoing over the ivy
Sweetness sweeping across Bethlehem's borders
As angels sang, shepherds gleed
And glory shone on shrubs.

You, child, are our delight
The Saviour
Sent to lighten our darkness & loosen our bonds
Mop up our heaviness, soak us in cheerfulness
This morning, like calves released from the stall, we leap with joy
As we welcome you to the world, worshipping you as our Lord.


Ayooluwa E. Adekoya Ìmísí is a Nigerian writer/poet who writes from Osogbo. She has works published in Afritondo, Callapress, Faith On Every Corner, Parousia, The Shallow Tales Review, Eboquills, etc. Her writings often evoke messages of hope, healing, courage, and salvation and are often inspirational.

She’s the managing editor of Star and Staff literary magazine, executive editor at Fragrant Stars, and CEO/ creative consultant at Nectar Words Solutions, an editorial, publishing, and public speaking outfit. She is the author of Comrade of Comfort poetry collection.

Nowadays, she catches herself dreaming of becoming an award-winning children’s fiction writer.


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