Heaven Breaks into Smithereens of Holy Songs & Grace Drips on Earth’s Waning Tongue by Adesina Ajala | Joy to the World Issue 14 | PAROUSIA


Today, let this earth arise & worship the Christ with a mass of tongues & merry hearts. 

Today, hearts are clanging like tambourines,
feets are twirling for boundless joy.

Today, let this earth flies the banner of God's kindness, chants the anthem of salvation.

& Say, “Earth meet thy Saviour cradled in a bed of fodder.”

Today, heaven breaks into smithereens of holy songs & grace drips on earth's waning tongue.

Today, heaven is a bursting joy
in earth's belly & a baby's cry 

startles a manger in Bethlehem.
A pearl lies in the rubble of pebbles & the bleatings of sheep.

Today, His lone star twinkles in the night sky. Light to the world groping 

in darkness. The way opens homeward— those who dwell in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shined.

Let this morning of Christmas brings comfort to mournful souls
& yields anchor for drowning hearts.

Today, let the old & new be filled with the joy that Jesus brings.
Today, the earth arises & blooms in praise. My poem too is hossana

& hallelujah. Today, His peace within our hearts come full, brimming over & overflowing.

Today, forever & ever.


Adesina Ajala is a 2022 Fellow of Arts in Medicine. He sent this entry from Ogbomoso, Nigeria. Twitter/IG: @adesina_ajala


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