Christmas Hope by Ellie Wakeman | Joy to the World Issue 14 | PAROUSIA

(shepherds-seeking: Credit to

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and only God knew,

tonight was the night, His Promise would break through.

His people awaited hundreds of years,

now it was time, God would triumph over all fears

In the midst of getting up early, working through the night,

mankind trying to carve out a good life with all their might.

You see, many thought life was left up to them,

tired and weary, with what seemed to have no end.

Their motto became, “there’s work to do,”

not knowing God was making all things new.

Rolling up their sleeves, working hard just the same,

the goal was to somehow win at this game.

Little did they know this was all about to change

God was gifting them hope, and this hope has a Name.

Though mankind assumed it was just another day,

the Answer they’d been searching for was but moments away!!

In the noise of all the hustling and bustling came

the One offering to all, genuine life once again.

Life filled with hope, love, peace and much joy

in the form of an innocent tiny baby boy.

Who would have thought that this was how,

hope would come as a gift to us now.

Yet all who will seek Him find a new life’s begun.

because of Jesus, yes He is the One.

He came offering His kingdom, undoing our mess,

in glorious Him we find we are blessed.

We now live with purpose and joy in our hearts,

but that’s not the end it’s only a start.

Death is destroyed, there’s forgiveness of sin,

life is made new, let the journey begin.

Reflecting his image out into his world,

there’s hope and there’s love for every boy and girl.

Let’s light up the darkness, Jesus is setting things right,

and we thought it was just another ordinary night.

Merry Christmas to you, near and far

may you know this Hope as you follow the star.

Hope has a name. Immanuel.

God with us, all is well.


Ellie Wakeman holds a MDiv grad in Christian Education. She has spent the past 24 years ministering to families. With years of experience, educational background and passion for coming alongside others in their life’s journey, she believes God uniquely gifted me with a solid foundation and the heart to serve Him and others. She is the author of the children’s book, Bella Gets Rescued. The website is You will also find her writing at

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