A GIFT; JOY TO THE WORLD by Tanki Sentsho | Joy to the World Issue 14 | PAROUSIA

What a time,
What a season, Christ being the reason
A time for jubilation and ululations
For He saved us from our tribulations
A time to celebrate and embrace the memory of the one who was born to save creation

A sacrifice brought to sanctity
A King born that we may testify and glorify 
A gift that has brought joy to the world
He was sold, He was bold, He did all that He was told

He was born in a manger so we may be free from danger
Given up as a ransom we could never afford
Given up to save us from doom, so our lives may bloom
Not a typical king, adorned in bling
He was made poor so we may be rich
Now He reigns in glory and all riches belong to Him
He was; He is the atonement of sin
By His blood we win

A Son who shines upon us like a sun
Our light and guide
Our friend and help
Forget the earthly feasts,
He is manna
The bread of life

He's our our foundation, our fountain, our mountain
On Him, In Him, through Him we live and love
He is our motivation 
We are no longer condemned but propelled
No longer possessed, instead we we possess and profess His holiness
No longer bound, we are free, we were once lost; we have been found

A King reigns
Mary's boy child, Jesus Christ was born
He was born that we may be born again
For us to believe and live eternally
Born of a virgin, that we may know life on a different version
That we may be purified and beautified
He was not just a boy,
He brought joy to the world! 


Tanki Sentsho is a 27 year old born again Christian from the nation of Botswana. She is a creative writer and spoken word poet whose main spring of inspiration is God. Poetess Tanki who is also known as Madam Joy won first place in the Hiv/Aids poetry contest held by Peace Corps and Lifeline Club in 2013. She also won first place in a Cultural Diversity poetry contest held by Gogontlejang Pillar of Hope Project in 2017. She made her debut performance on the year 2016 at the annual Maitisong Poetry slam and has been gracing social corporate events ever since. She participated in Regional extravaganza hosted by MYSC in 2021. She is also published in Kagisano women’s shelter chapbook which was published in 2017. She was privileged to be published in the first issue of Parousia Magazine in 2017. She also performed at the first ever Mr Botswana. Madam Joy writes to inspire, entertain, empower, enlighten and feed hunger for word art.


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