A Poem from Ujjal Mandal | PAROUSIA Magazine

My Lord Jesus!

I have a God named Jesus
Than the gold much more precious,
Always I talk with Him
And He comes in my dream.

When mischief betides in me
I recall my God & I become free,
What I have He is my inspiration
I bow my head for His creation.

If constantly any dream I did see
It is none other than He,
I love my God boundless
His restored beauty is my dress.

I want to bloom Him in my heart
So glowing in the sun like an art,
Being a lotus in the stream
With nectar like the cream.

I have a God named Jesus-
More fluorescent & precious
Than the lustrous pearl dear,
Just recall Him & vanish all the fear.

Bio: Ujjal Mandal is an Indian poet and a connoisseur of literature who was born on September 21, 1995 at Ganguria, Malda, West Bengal. He has two poetry books to his credit-- "Ambrosia In Budding Flowers"(English), "Shobder Phul"(Bengali) which are available on amazon. He has qualified WBSET in 2020 and beside having published a research paper titled "Tagore's The Golden Boat: A Critical Study in Context of Deconstruction Theory and the British Colonialism", his poetry has been appeared in India & abroad in various journals, magazines, literary press, blogs and in diverse poetry of anthologies such as -- 'Aulos: An Anthology of English Poetry', 'PS: It's Poetry', 'Beyond Corona: The Silver Lining' 'Insulation', 'I Want to Live' by Inner Child press and others. To him, "poetry is the philosophical and spiritual creation by the combination of heart and mind."

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