For Him Christian Poetry Chapbook Nosa Osarenren Parousia Magazine

For Him by Nosa Osarenren | Parousia Christian Poetry Chapbook No 5 | PAROUSIA Magazine


God is love and love is expressed from the heart. Worshipping the lord is a priority. The sovereignty of the lord is irreplaceable as is His word even as a psalm. His word talks about His personality and that’s what we’re expected to know.

I personally enjoy Psalms as it makes me more conscious of God’s indwelling presence and appreciates more of who God is, what He has done and His goodness in our lives. This wonderful book is a fulfilment of God’s word which says we should speak to ourselves in Psalms and spiritual songs (Ephesians 5:19).

Knowing Nosa to be a man of God, a true worshipper, a voice in this generation extremely creative with what he does makes the content of this book worth studying. What is true of him, is also true of his books, this book. The words from here are gotten from pure worship and love for the father and would move you on in your fellowship with the lord.

As a reader, you should have an open heart and after studying the psalms written, do well to meditate deeply on it as these are keys to climbing into higher levels of Glory.

This book is a gold mine of truth, the treasure of which is almost invaluable to anyone who wants to know the lord more. I thank God not only for Nosa Osarenren, but for what God did through him to produce this book. I would like to make it a commandment that everyone reads this book.

Sydney Orhionkpamwan.

Nosa Osarenren is a young man with an undying passion for
God, Literature, and the arts. As a worship leader in his local
church, He expresses his worship in words, music, and various
art forms. He believes in the potency of artistic expressions and
seeks to let the church and the world experience God through


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