Demystifying The Prophecy About The End Of The World by Psalmuel Benjamin- PAROUSIA Magazine


Demystifying The Prophecy About The End Of The World  

Everything that God created has a natural lifespan. Invigorate things are created. They mature then grow old and die. Even the inanimate wear out and expire. Kingdoms wax strong and wane, decay and die off. It is difficult for man in his natural (mortal) body to imagine living forever and not to die. God is the only one who existed before the beginning began as in Genesis 1:1 and will be the only one left when the earth and heavens would end. Because He is everlasting. But the heavens and the earth He created have their lifespan and would come to an end, according to John

“Now I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away. Also, there was no more sea” (Revelation 21:1)


There have been some qualms and arguments on the realism of the prophecy about the end of the world. So many people have lost their conviction about the total cessation of the human race and the macrocosm, believing that the second coming of Christ is only a subterfuge for catechism. Many believe that the earth has existed for a period, (over 4 billion years) longer than what an event can erase. But the word of God is ever true and relevant as the preceding events to rapture (the end of the world) have been coming to pass. Just like a drug, everything created will expire, lose its potency and die. In the same manner, without doubt, the world, as it is getting old gradually. Considering the end of the world, signs coming to show, will equally come to an end. 

Actuality Of The Prophecy About The End Of The World

Nation against nation, kingdom against Kingdom           Matt. 24:7

For instance, the current Russia-Ukraine war and many others in previous years. This is enough proof that the end of the world is not just an illusion to caution the excesses of man and maintain a chaste society, at least, as much as far-reaching the gospel can go but rather ostensibly that the current state of the world is a testament to the prophetic book of Revelation. At least, a prophet is confirmed by the validity and fulfillment of his foresight. 

Persecution, Hate, And Killing                 (Matt. 24:9)

These, too, are prerequisites for the end of the world and they are prevalent in our time. Jesus was telling his disciples about what will happen when the end of the world is near and he didn’t hide it from them that anyone who is identified with him will be hated all over the world. This information applies more to this generation. Some countries in the world still persecute Christians– putting them to death because they choose to propagate the gospel. A lot of missionaries can attest to this. However, Jesus assures His followers that there is life after death and that He has gone to prepare a place for them. Because He lives, His followers will live also. He doubly assures His believers by telling them He would have revealed the plain truth to us not to expect anything if the promises of blessed life in the hereafter were not true. But those who betray Him by turning away and hating others as written In verse 10, will not enjoy the glorious fulfillment of this promise. This is strong and convincing evidence about the end of the world. 


False Prophets, Sinful Atmosphere, and Cold Love        (Matt. 24:11-12)

Some founders of religion are not sure of what is awaiting them at the point of death, yet people follow their teachings with hardly any hope of eternal life. Many want to be honored and reverenced as servants of God only for fraudulent, deceit, and other dubious acts. This prognosis has become so rampant around the globe that real men of God are being harassed and embarrassed because of the detriment on Christianity by these unsaved saviors whose utmost aims have been shifted from Christ to mundane things. Sin is now fashionable in some parts of the world as substandard names have been coined for them to make them less offensive. “Yahoo” instead of “Cybercrime” “Yahoo plus” Instead of “Money Ritual” “Runs– Small girl, big God” instead of “Prostitution” etc. Also, the saints as prophecied by Christ himself, on daily basis, now struggle to do the will of God as their burning desires for God keep depreciating and excuses like work, children, time and others are now lording. 

But then, Jesus continued to verse 13-14 saying “But the one who endures to the end will be saved. And the Good news about the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole world so that all nations will hear it: and then the end will come” 

Now that this article has proven to an acceptable notion, at least, that the validity of the end of the world is rather fundamental than an equivocal mirage, the big question is, how prepared are you for the afterlife?


The Destruction Of This Present Earth And Heavens       (Heb:1:10-14; 2 Pet. 3:7-10)

Mankind is struggling to combat the impact of climate change, but long before, there was an industrial revolution that harmed the climate. God had told man that the world, as we know it, will come to an end. Whatever has a beginning must have an end. Whichever school of thought a person believes– biblical account of creation or scientific account of creation– the world has its beginning and therefore, must come to an end. The Christians who believe in the biblical account are aware that the world has been so corrupted. The present earth and heavens, as we know them, will no longer exist. That passage in 2 Peter tells that they will be destroyed by fire. Some people believe that since many centuries have passed and the world continues, the prophecy of the world coming to an end is an empty threat designed to scare people to obey God’s commands. Some other people believe that a loving God will not subject his hard-carved creatures and the magnificent work of his hands to consuming fire. Those who think that God is slack in carrying out the prophecy fail to realize that the timing of man is not the timing of God. To an everlasting God, 2000 years is just a short time. Many even doubt the fact that there could be a cataclysmic fire that would burn man till eternity. To doubt such a worldwide cataclysmic fire is to underrate God’s power in bringing to pass whatever He says. Talk about the exact time that the world will come to an end, no man knows. It is only written that it will come unexpectedly as a thief in the night– a time when sinners feel secure and expect no threat or danger. Not even in the slightest. People will be carried away by their daily activities, unaware of the end being near. As for the general timing, the destruction will come at the end of the millennial reign. At the same time, those who take part in the second resurrection are being judged and the devil is cast into the lake of fire. 

God Will Be All In All                        (1 Cor. 15:25-28)

Beginning from the time of the second coming of Jesus Christ, He will rule and reign over all of creation. All authority has been given to Him by God the Father. He will exercise His authority over all until He has defeated all powers, principalities, and those who oppose and disobey God. God will then be the supreme authority and power which He has always been. Christ would have gotten rid of all those who lived and operated as if they had powers in themselves and the devil along with his angels who rebelled against God. All power will reside in and derive from God so that He will be all in all. There will be no more rebellion because everyone will submit and subscribe always to His supreme rule. While Christians are still on this earthly pilgrimage, we are given the privilege to taste the powers of the age to come and which we shall have full access to when Christ’s kingdom fully starts (Heb. 6:5)

Prepare For The New Heaven & The New Earth            (Isa. 65:17-25)

God will bring about new earth after the dismissal of this present earth and new heavens in which there will be righteousness. This present earth and heavens have been so tarnished that they cannot bring forth God’s glory as originally purposed. There is much pain and sorrow on this present earth. God will bring a more glorious one and the old will be quickly forgotten. The prophecy will partially be enjoyed by church militants, but the glorious fulfillment will be enjoyed by church triumphant. Weeping and crying will no longer be heard and answers to prayers will be prompt. No harm will be brought to those who are part of this new creation. Only those who are judged righteous will have a part in it. “Do not give your mind a break from spiritual things” (Arinze Izunna Joel)



Psalmuel Benjamin is a poet, spoken words minister, and writer from Nigeria. He’s in his early twenties. His poems and articles can be found in CC, Afrocritik, Mixed Mag, Nanty Greens, Arts Lounge, Pop the Culture pill, Agape review, Fieryscribe review, and many others. He is the author of “It’s Just A Day” – a forthcoming book. Aside from writing he teaches, draws, paints, and edits videos. He’s the vice president of the Godly steps Family. He’s a finalist in the POF4 Essay competition. He is a lover of beans. Say hi to him on Facebook: Benjamin-Psalmuel Oluwasheun. Twitter: Psalmuelbenjam1


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