Pride by Gabriel Oluwatomiwa Eniola – Poetry – PAROUSIA Magazine

He was fibbed to like a house on fire,
He was maligned and unjustly criticized, 
But, despite all that, he pocketed his pride.
He didn't hurl back because of the goal ahead,
And that is why his enemy is always abased.

Why did you pocket your pride? They asked.
It is highly legitimate if you fight back, they said.
It doesn't matter what is right,
What matters is what He likes, he answered.
I paid the painful price,
To set the sinful free, he added.

He further explained,
You need to hold your horses,
If you want to be unique from the masses.
it doesn't matter what is said by the masses;
And it doesn't matter the shame you receive from the masses
What matters is the glory you will receive from the master.

In a shell of a nut, he concluded,
Until you pocket your pride 
And put on the clothing of humility
Irrespective of your phase 
You can not receive glory from the master.

Gabriel Oluwatomiwa Eniola is a Christian who has passion for writing, specifically Christian literature, and poems. He lives in Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria. He hails from Ondo State, Nigeria. He is a student and a lover of Christ.

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