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O Shadow and Illusion, dissolve!
O Suffering, fade and disappear!
O Supreme Master who shines,
In my being and each thing,
Let Thy Light be manifest and the reign,
Of Thy Peace come for all!

Like a flame that burns in silence,
Like a perfume that rises,
Straight upward without wavering,
My love goes to Thee, and like the child,
Who does not reason and has no care,
I trust myself to Thee that Thy Will may be done!

Amidst the ocean of troubled waters
May Thy Light manifest, Thy Peace radiate,
Thy Love cover the world,
I await that blessed hour,
Letting myself flow irresistibly,
Towards it as a peaceful stream flows!

Thou art alone the doer and I the instrument,
Thy voice is heard as a melodious chant,
In the stillness of my heart,
O Lord, Thou art my refuge and my blessing,
My strength, my health, my hope, and my courage,
Take me O Lord towards the boundless ocean!

My whole being prostrates before Thee,
In a gratitude beyond measure and a ceaseless worship,
That worship goes up from my heart, my mind,
Towards Thee like the pure smoke of incense,
Let Thy glory be proclaimed and sanctify life!

Let Thy Peace reign on earth,
O Divine Master, in a fecund silence I bow to Thee,
Grant, O Lord, that all shadows may be dispelled,
Before Thee may my heart be pure as a pure crystal,
So that wholly it may reflect Thee,
Thy Peace is in me, and in that Peace I see Thee!


Dr. Giti Tyagi (b. 1976, Karnal, India) is an Editor, Creative Artist, International Author & Poetess, Book Reviewer & Translator from India. She has been honoured with a Doctorate Degree by an American University. She is Masters in English, Masters in Education, M. Phil and holds a UGC-NET certificate. She is a former Senior Lecturer from MM University, Ambala, India. She is an Educational Consultant at Karnal, India. She was honoured, in 2019, for her contributions in the literary world. She has won several Appreciation Awards for teaching. She is the author of - Priceless Pearls, Crossroads And Other Stories, The Ascent of A New Dawn. She is the Editor of ‘Beyond Corona: The Silver Lining’, The Commemorative Volume and several anthologies. She is the translator of ‘Amma Boli’. She has written Foreword for several books including ‘Our Upanishads’. Her poems, stories, articles and book reviews have been published in reputed national and international magazines, journals, ebooks and anthologies: Parousia Magazine, Litterateur Review, Reflectoem, Covid-19 : An Education in Literary Upifting Words, In Silence We Wait, Devour: Art And Lit Canada, Halant, Srinvantu, I Can’t Breathe : A Poetic Anthology of Social Justice, The  Call Beyond, Journey to the Stars, P.S. It’s Poetry, Coming Out of Isolation, Spillwords, Kitaab, Muse India, Writersgram, Zorba Books, Voicesnet, Poetry Soup, Poem Hunter, Galaxy International, Criterion International and several others. Giti’s much appreciated poems, stories and translated works have been winning hearts of the readers of all age groups. She has won several poetry competitions and creative writing competitions and is an extremely popular storywriter for children’s magazines.


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