A CRY FROM THE WATERS by JLF Maikaho – Poetry – PAROUSIA Magazine

Photo by Chris on Pexels.com

It was you who called me out
To walk upon water
Why let me sink?

It was you who calmed the storm
And the waves obeyed
Why not now?

This unknown is indeed great 
My feet is failing me
Darkness surrounds me, where are you?

The waters are deep and wide
Ruthless waves raging violently
How long can faith stand?

Is there a place where trust has no borders
Where mortals live forever
And sinners walk on water?

Is there a presence where
The soul sinks deeper in truth
And joy overcomes darkness?

Please lead me there
Though deep beneath the ocean
Your grace abounds, and your sovereign hand
Ever able

You've never failed 
And you won't start now



JLF Maikaho was born and raised in Gombe state, Nigeria. She writes poetry and fiction and sometimes dabbles in nonfiction. When she's not writing at midnight or reading esoteric literature, she'd be caught wondering why she wishes it would rain everyday.

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