God's Covenant People

God’s Covenant People: Enforcing Kingdom Mandate by Vincent Oshin – Parousia Reads

It is with joy we announce the release of “God’s Covenant People: Enforcing Kingdom Mandate” written by Vincent Oshin.

“God’s Covenant People: Enforcing Kingdom Mandate” explores the biblical concept of blood covenant
against the backdrop of blood covenant in African indigenous religion/traditional societies and its
pervading influence on African Christian thoughts. In seeking to separate the traditional concept and
practice from its variant in the Bible, the author highlights the context in which God established
covenant relationship with individuals and the nation of Israel, locating the relationship within God’s
initiatives at restoring His preeminent position in creation before the fall of Lucifer and a third of the

The restoration of God’s Kingship and Kingdom on earth becomes the overarching goal of Covenants
established between God and humankind. While God has been consistent in demonstrating His love and
compassion for humanity through His providence, especially in giving His only Son as substitutionary
sacrifice for human sin, humankind has been unfaithful and has lost every opportunity for redemption
until the advent of Jesus Christ who not only fulfilled every aspect of the Old Covenant that man could
never fulfill, but also established the New Covenant of grace and peace.

The book highlights events and portents in human history showing God’s faithfulness against man’s
unfaithfulness. From the Old Testament period to the New Testament, human beings have turned their
back on God. And the Church of the New Covenant has not done better. “God’s Covenant People…” is a
wake-up call to Christians and the Church to get their acts together and enforce the Kingdom mandate
as commanded by Christ in his Great commission.

Dr. Vincent Olasiji Oshin is a retired Professor of History, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife,
Nigeria. He combined his work in Academia with services as a minister in the Church. He
served as Secretary, Fellowship of Christian Students in the University, and Secretary, Nigerian
Christian Graduate Fellowship, University of Ibadan, As a lecturer at O.A.U, he was instrumental
in planting a branch of Foursquare Gospel Church and served as the pioneering Pastor of Opa
Foursquare Church from 1994-2001, when he retired voluntarily from the University, and
travelled abroad.

Vincent O Oshin

In 2009, he returned to Nigeria to start Pilgrims Bible Fellowship as an arm of Philadelphia Bible
Fellowship (CPA), and opened a multi-purpose Resource Center to cater to the needs of the
community in the area of health and wellness, tapping into 18 years nursing experience of
Oluyemi, his wife, in England and the United States.

In the U.K. he became an active member and elder at King’s Church, St Paul’s Cray, Orpington,
Kent (a branch of Terry Virgo’s New Frontiers). He and his family later moved to the United
States in 2004, where he associated with the Philadelphia Bible Fellowship,Church Planting
Alliance. In 2006 he was formally ordained a pastor of PBF.

Dr. Oshin is the author of “Biblical Christianity: From Man-centered to a Christ-centered Church,
and “Getting Back to the Basics: Topics on Christianity and the Church.”
He and his wife, Oluyemi, are currently in the United States with their children and

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E-book: 978-978-59232-4-7

Paperback: 978-978-59232-5-4

Hardcover:  978-978-59232-6-1


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