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The Bible is a documented book that shows how God relates with His people. This documented book is called the scripture. The scripture is not a text or story but a divinely inspired word from God to His people. The word “inspiration” is a translation of the Greek word “theopneustos” which literally means “God-breathed.”  The translation of “theopneustos” found in the King James Version was derived from the Latin Bible where the word “inspiro” is used in 2 Timothy 3:16 to translate the word “theopneustos.”  The Importance, however, is that scripture was breathed-out by God. “God-breathed” shows a divine authority that guided the whole process of written scripture. The thought and process of how, when and where the scripture was written was divinely executed by God Himself. 


The Bible Was Inspired By God      (2Tim. 3:16-17)

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works. 

There have been ongoing raging battles over the reliability and authority of the scripture as God’s word. In the text above, Paul declared, “all scripture is inspired by God” which literally means, “God-breathed.” This simply means that the scripture is an accurate transference of truth from God to man in a language which we can understand. God’s spirit blew through the instrumentation of humanity to produce a certain and perfect word. Every word of the Bible is fully inspired and is exactly what God intended it to be. 

The divine inspiration of the Scripture assures us that it is the word of God, not merely the words of man. It is exactly what God wanted us to know, nothing more and nothing less. This gives us self-assurance and an inevitability of its reliability. 

Sufficient To Prove Its Genuineness     (Isa. 43:9-17)

The Bible was written by over forty authors and at different times. The time span spanned over six hundred years. By vocation, the authors of the Bible were shepherds, priests, fishermen, tax collectors, doctors, lawyers and kings. However, their inspiration was of one source “the Holy Spirit”.  The Bible’s accurate prediction of the future gives it supremacy over every other written book. The prophecies in the Bible were daily being fulfilled to date. The Bible is the only book that accurately gives account of the beginning of creation and also foretold what will happen at the end of all things. 

Several books have been written but none has stood the test of time like the Holy Scripture. A lie cannot be valid for over two thousand years but the Bible has daily validated all the prophecies in it. 

 Times and culture change but the word of God concerning our faith and His commands remain valid irrespective of time and season. 

The records of the Bible are factual as all things recorded are exact in statement and time. Various men have tried in the past to disprove the word of God but none without success. The infallibility of the word shows that the source of the word of God, as written by men, has no margin for error. This is because the actual source of scripture is the spirit of God. 

God’s Word Is Settled           (Ps. 119:89-96; Matt. 24:35)

The word of God is based on a solid foundation. This foundation is immovable. It stands from the beginning to the end of the earth. The Psalmist’s proclamation “settled”  is used to qualify the never changing word of God. Men’s teachings change so frequently that there is never enough time for them to be settled; but the Lord’s word has always been the same and will remain so forever. Through times and seasons, generation to generations, the word of God remains the same. 

“It is settled in heaven” shows the origin and power source of the word of God. This implies that no man can see the height or the depth of the power and glory of the word of God. The word of God is authoritative as every prophecy spoken will be fulfilled. 

Incomparable Impact On Human Race      (Ps. 19:7-11)

Human have, over the years, been in search of understanding of its body and environment. So many researchers have daily gone on the quest to understand the world and especially the earth, but none have been able to explain the creation of Man and its environment. The Bible is the only Book that explains how the world and men were created. This has added to our tree of knowledge. The Bible says God is “suspending the earth upon nothing”?

(Job 26:7). Similarly, the Bible correctly describes the shape of the earth as a “sphere,” or “globe.” (Isa. 40:22). 

This was confirmed many decades after by scientists that the earth is spherical and hangs on nothing, compared to human previous knowledge that the earth is flat. The Bible has been used to qualify and justify the moral conducts of men for centuries. The Bible has also been used to form constitutions and Laws in most countries. 

Preserved For Eternity             (1Pet. 1:25, Isa. 40:7-8)

Changes in time and seasons do not affect the word of God. God’s prophecy lasts for eternity. The power that backs each written word was before the creation of the heavens and the earth. The word has the same potency as the day it was first said or written. The word of God is new daily as it addresses the needs of man from generation to generations. There can be no inanimate eternity, just as there can be nothing eternal in the natural world. 

Both animate and inanimate things are governed by universal natural laws. Everything has been under the natural law of death and decadence since the fall of Man. The word of God must be alive to make it eternal. 

Confirmed Prophetic Word                (2Pet. 1:19-21)

How do you know a prophet? When his word Is confirmed by coming to pass. Heaven and Earth can pass away but none of God’s word will pass without coming to pass. The word of God is ever true, perfect and ever green as it is new every morning. No wonder God magnifies His word more than His name. There is nothing that is as sure, certain and authentic like the word of God. Every word of God claimed by faith in accordance with the situation you are passing through is settled. Isaiah prophesied in the book of Isaiah 9:6 and it came to pass in Matt. 1:25 after 700 years. 

The word of God has the power to save, heal, and liberate a sincere seeker. Nothing can change the prophetic word of God but it is more potent to do according to how it is said. Embrace it, rely on it and you will never recover from its authenticity and miraculous work. 

About The Writer:

Psalmuel Benjamin wcfr. (Word Commander Of The Federal Republic) is a young Christian sentimental scribe of 22 years from Nigeria. He has written and published a whole lot of poems and other writings. EskimoPie mag, Lion and Lilac, Allegro, Shuf Poetry, Communicators’ League, MixedMag, Nanty Greens, Kalahari Review, My Woven Words, Fieryscribe Review and others are places where you can find his works. Aside from writing, He draws, paints, teaches, edits videos, and designs graphics. He is the Vice President of the Godly Steps Family. He also made it to the 5th Stage of POF4 (Pen On Fire2021).

Say hi to him on Facebook: Benjamin-psalmuel Oluwasheun. 

Instagram: Psalmuel_benjamin

Twitter: Psalmuelbenjam1


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