AT CHRISTMAS by Giti Tyagi – PAROUSIA Magazine

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At Christmas the merriment spreads around
The festivities, the joy when fills the air
And spreads the message far and wide
The message of love, cheer and bliss abound
The message of the Lord, so Divine and pure
This time of the year when the music fills
The hearts with joy and the hopes that fly
High up to the skies, higher they reach
The faith in the goodness rekindles 
And the arms stretch out, welcoming all
It’s more of a time we’d spend to cleanse
Our souls and hearts and the inner selves
Belief in the Lord and his love strengthens
With the continual blessings showered upon 
And the unflinching faith in the chosen path
Never shall we then be misled by the delirious desires
Nor befogged by the hazy illusions
Each step forward towards the Light Divine
Eager to surrender with cheer, love abound
The shining light enlightening the path
That sparkles in the heart so pure, so serene
Opening the inner depths of the soul
Towards the illuminating source of peace and charm
The mind opened, the vision broadened
Welcomes the serene, tranquil, illumining Light
A life full-lived, as a blossomed bloom
With open arms embracing the ever-loving humankind
Ignorance shed as the autumn leaves
The enlightened mind and the soul when cheer
Evanescing the distress, dispelling all fears
Seeking the blessings and the Bliss Ultimate!

MARCH 01, 2022

Dr. Giti Tyagi (b. 1976, Karnal, India) is an Editor, Creative Artist,
International Author & Poetess, Book Reviewer & Translator from
India. She has been honoured with a Doctorate Degree by an
American University. She is Masters in English, Masters in
Education, M. Phil and holds a UGC-NET certificate. She is a former
Senior Lecturer from MM University, Ambala, India. She is an
Educational Consultant at Karnal, India. She was honoured, in 2019,
for her contributions in the literary world. She has won several
Appreciation Awards for teaching. She is the author of - Priceless
Pearls, Crossroads And Other Stories, The Ascent of A New Dawn.
She is the Editor of ‘Beyond Corona: The Silver Lining’, The
Commemorative Volume and several anthologies. She is the translator
of ‘Amma Boli’. She has written Foreword for several books including
‘Our Upanishads’. Her poems, stories, articles and book reviews have
been published in reputed national and international magazines,
journals, ebooks and anthologies: Parousia Magazine, Litterateur
Review, Reflectoem, Covid-19 : An Education in Literary Upifting
Words, In Silence We Wait, Devour: Art And Lit Canada, Halant,
Srinvantu, I Can’t Breathe : A Poetic Anthology of Social Justice, The 
Call Beyond, Journey to the Stars, P.S. It’s Poetry, Coming Out of
Isolation, Spillwords, Kitaab, Muse India, Writersgram, Zorba Books,
Voicesnet, Poetry Soup, Poem Hunter, Galaxy International,
Criterion International and several others. Giti’s much appreciated
poems, stories and translated works have been winning hearts of the
readers of all age groups. She has won several poetry competitions
and creative writing competitions and is an extremely popular story
writer for children’s magazines.


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