Happiness by Afolabi Oluwaseun – A Christmas Story – PAROUSIA Magazine



In the month of December, in the grand mansion of the president of Nigeria at Abuja filled with guards to protect on case of any emergency, a parlor filled with antique things there sat president Iraub watching the news of how the youths are using cybercrime to scam people of their wealth and how peace is being disrupted in other states so the reporter posed a question to the public on how to curb it as Christmas is coming soon. With a cup of whiskey in his hands, he stared at the dark night through the window thinkingof the question he just heard.

The laughter of his little kids stopped his flow of thinking and the frown he never knew he was wearing through to the reflection of the glass as the fireworks are set loose to beautify the night turned to a smile with their feet pounded the almost silent home.

“Dad!” He bent to receive their hugs. The smile on their faces is the reason why he needs to make a better Nigeria to keep that smile in place but we will all go through pain to smile again.

“What did you pray for in church?” He asked his twins of five years old since he is a Muslim, he couldn’t go to church while his wife had to. He stood up to greet his wife with a kiss on the cheek.

“Hmmm… I prayed for peace. There are too much explosion on Tv. I’m scared”. The youngest, Mary said.

“I prayed for happiness. Not everyone is happy, they mask their pain through a smile but I prayed for true happiness since it starts with God”. Said Lazarus.

“Wow! Well said. You’re almost a president who this is of his people”.

“No, I’m not and you’re the better president to execute it besides you and mom told us what is good for the people”. Lazarus replied.

“Yes dad, you’re the better president and you know we can’t be president forever so it’s best you do your best and leave the rest” Mary said.

“My children are sure the wisest. May Solomon wisdom always be with you”. President wife, Havillah said.

“Amen and we are hungry” they chorused. They all laughed and went to the dinning room.

Not long after the children went to sleep, president Iraub sat in his home office and thought of what to do. “What do you think I should do for the people apart from the speech we tell them each year”. He asked his wife.

“I don’t know but do what best for them this season”. He nodded to that.

The next day president Iraub called a meeting of all the corporations established in Nigeria and abroad to talk about how all companies could bring about employment for the youths and underprivileged of the likes of blind, deaf and dumb. From the food sector to the health sector and themed the meeting as a Christmas miracle. He held a special meeting with all the banks operating in Nigeria to give each citizen who have registered to a bank will get a token divided by the estimated population census.

One the 25th of December, everyone in Nigeria got alerts and all news outlets gave testimony of the people and because of this poverty and crimes reduced. Merry Christmas.


Afolabi Oluwaseun May is a writer and lover of all arts. She is a native of Osun state and currently studying music at Obafemi Awolowo University.


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