A Christmas Miracle by Ngwu Nneoma – Christmas Short Story – PAROUSIA Magazine

It is that time of the year again, the wind blowing, the whole environment beaming with beautiful decorations. Indeed Christmas was around the corner. I had looked forward to this Christmas ever since the beginning of the year. The season is usually my best period of the year but this year it was different. I was not so expectant of this very season drawing nearer. This is because it was not going to be as usual. Something was missing, a very important part of my life was missing. How could Christmas still be the same? How could it? I still try to fight back tears anytime I remember the tragic incident that occurred.
John, my brother basically my twin was the missing part. He was so full of life and just like me loved Christmas so much. He loved the season and the reason for the season. We always celebrated it together but not this year I guess. He has been in coma for over 6 months now after his involvement in a ghastly accident. The doctors have said he might be like that for a long time. I can't imagine not spending this Christmas with him.

The Christmas was approaching nearer, the look of sadness on our parents face every single time dampens my spirit. They have almost given up that he would ever come back to us. I don't know but I just keep having that feeling that he would, not now but eventually. The gloomy mood affected the Christmas decorations we do every year. It's almost three days to Christmas yet they have rejected all my pleas for at least a little decoration to light up the mood. I am not in the mood for celebrations either but what can I do. It is so sad to watch your loved one lifeless, oblivious of what is happening around them.

As usual, I visit the hospital daily to tell John about what has been happening, what he has missed, his favorite tv shows, how much we miss him, how colorful this year's carol was. I basically tell him everything. The doctors said that he can hear us and it can aid his healing faster. I just hope it does. I even played his favorite Christmas songs to him. I just wish he could move a part of his body or at least wink, just a sign to show that he is still with us. I can't bear to see him in that condition.

It was the eve of Christmas, the same old gloomy mood in the house, I still can't believe Christmas is here, I just managed to put up few Christmas lights just for the season. My parents have gone to the church for the Christmas eve. I decided to visit my brother in the hospital. This time around, I wanted to decorate his room in the hospital. I didn't want him to be left out of the whole celebration. It is a season of joy and happiness not sadness and nothing would take that joy away from me, I declared.  After the decorations, I felt this certain kind of peace in me, with the Christmas songs serenading the environment. I don't know where the peace came from but I really needed it at that point.

Being a lover of sweet melodies, I was already carried away by the beautiful christmas melodies but something got my attention. I quickly sprung up from where I was sitting, was it my imagination? I noticed it again. No, it is not my imagination. John actually moved his fingers, he really did. Doctor!!! Nurses!!! I shouted, is anyone here? I quickly ran to call one of them. 

They couldn't believe me, they thought it was my imagination, maybe I was not getting enough rest but I was sure of what I saw. It happened before my very eyes, I saw him move doctor and right then he moved his fingers the third time. They were all astonished. They quickly checked his pulse and affirmed that indeed there was a movement. I was so happy, that was the best Christmas for me already. As if that was not enough, I don't know how it happened. It was indeed a miracle, can't explain it, even the doctors couldn't. John blinked as his pulse was being checked, it was a shocking moment, with the blink came opening of his eyes. I gave out a loud scream. I ran to hug him even though the doctors told me not to, that he needed more observation.

I couldn't believe my brother was there, awake right in time for his favorite celebration. I quickly ran and called my parents. Now I know where the peace I was feeling came from. God came through for us when we least expected. 

Indeed it was a Christmas miracle for my family.


Ngwu Nneoma is a young writer from Nigeria. 


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