Parousia Magazine Indwelling Issue 13

I welcome you to the long-awaited Parousia Magazine Indwelling Issue 13. Thank you for staying true to us, cheering us on, and giving us all the positive vibe we need. I have personally received your gracious embrace in calls, messages, and in-person greetings and this kind act of yours doesn’t just give me joy but motivates me. This is why Issue 13 came to life.

Parousia Magazine is a name to reckon with when it comes to publishing Christian literary works to a global audience; this we have been doing for 6 years and we shall keep doing. I am glad many of you who are our readers and contributors see into this vision, support it and through your influence, we have been able to grow to where we are today. We have no limitations however in our service there has to be integrity.

This we have decided to uphold by publishing four Poets in our Indwelling Issue. This is our 13th Issue, we have made progress but we have no pleasure in following the crowd and pleasing the world. We are distinct, unique for we have our essence, message.

We desire to publish the very best of literary works from contributors all over the world but when we call for submission for a particular issue with a theme, we want to receive stories and contributions that pertain to the theme.

We received several submissions for this issue but we are only pleased with the poetry of Abigail-Tydale Bassey, Ayooluwa Olasupo (Ìmísí), Osy Mizpah Unuevho, and Pamilerin Jacob. The poetry of these four contributors is worth reading and deserved to be published therefore Indwelling Issue 13 is a publication for every lover of Christian literature to read and enjoy its sweet savour.

Abimbola Olaleye came up with the idea for this particular issue while I named it. I am grateful to her for all the excellent work she has been doing at Parousia since she joined a year ago. Thank you, Abimbola.

Indwelling Issue 13 begins with the poetry of a renowned Nigerian Poet, Pamilerin Jacob whom I have the privilege to serve alongside in the annual SprinNG Fellowship Programme as a Mentor. His two poems ‘That I May Know Him’ and ‘Bones, Wind, (Un)Belief’ speaks volumes of his versatility, poetic skills, rich use of imageries, and Biblical allusion. A metaphorical sandwich, desirable for a poetic dose. Abigail-Tydale Bassey didn’t fail to deliver to us an ‘Overwhelming’ poetic narration of the ‘Comforter’ with ‘Speaking in Tongues’.  Ayooluwa Olasupo (Ìmísí) gives us the poetic narration of how ‘that Spirit of grace encountered us’ and ‘The floods raging against the treasures hidden in us’ with her poems ‘Transformed From Hypocrites To Witnesses’ and ‘Living Arks’. You would have a lasting impression with the poems of Osy Mizpah Unuevho. ‘Lightweight in the Sketch of the Indwelling’, ‘on fire with nails’ and ‘small rivers, in the flesh and blood’ are well versed written to make your heart burn while you read. 

You are about to rekindle the fire of savouring good Christian poetry as you read Parousia Magazine Indwelling Issue 13. 

This issue also features book reviews and author interviews of Chinwe Chnaka , Vincent O. Oshin and Oluwatoyin A. Olojo whose books were published by Parousia

I am hopeful you will love it and aspire to read our next Issue.

Hurray!!! We are SIX. From November 2015 till now, it has been a great privilege serving you and I look forward to decades of unending servitude. 

Tola Ijalusi
Founder/Managing Editor
December 2021


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