Pinnng! by Marcel Graves – PAROUSIA Magazine

nosce te ipsum (Latin meaning: know Thyself)
By: Marcel Graves

(Genesis 1:26)

Truly glorious gifts come in small packages:
Consider your size relative to our planet,
Nay, our solar system,
Nay, our galaxy,
Nay, our universe!
We are truly miniscule.

But inside!
What an infinite greatness is working from within!
Created in the image and likeness…
Small words to behold, but powerful when their true meaning is disclosed.
Who would have guessed where the Creator has hidden His secret sacred manna in such plain sight?
The Trinity is within each of us!

How do you like them apples?

Genesis 3:22 

Marcel Graves is a retired school teacher from Edmonton Catholic Schools, Alberta, Canada and now spends his time travelling in a trailer with Madeleine and their dogs, Toque and Mittens. Winters are spent in Baja California South, Mexico; but summers are for Canada.

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