Two Poems from Ann Privateer

Photo by Kellie Churchman on

Woven, pressed, rolled,
washed, curled, cut, shaved,
combed, dyed, dried, tied, fried,
palmated, braided, wired, piled,
styled, tamed, rinsed, renewed,
wind blown, flipped, up, back, under,
clipped, unruly, wiry, teased, twisted,
red, blond, gray, auburn, brown, chestnut,
silver, ginger, sandy, bleached,
black, fuzzy, sculpted tresses, mops,
manes-- Art: the color of hair.

Above and Beyond

I took out the old Oldsmobile
for a spin over the mountain
the top was woven with willows
and far more oleanders
than my mind could hope to hold.

Fearless plants fondly growing
more human though never full
of blood like the animal
kingdom‘s fowl and foolish guts
fooled into believing their reign

refusing fear, falsifying
fantasy, vain voiles, valiant
as they might be, to see voles
beneath the trees and wonder
why they never touch the sky?


Ann Privateer is a poet, artist, and photographer. Some of her recent work has appeared in Third Wednesday and Entering to name a few.


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