Becoming Like Christ by Gabriel Oluwatomiwa Eniola

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Why metamorphose like the world
When you can be like the Word?
For many are ignorantly deceived 
By the appealing of the world
Thinking they're admirable in the world
But, their worthlessness lie in a bed of roses

And by and by in time and tide
They will be a wart to the world
And their breath will be a buffer zone
For they have neglected the Word 
Helter-skelter they run after the world
With the schizophrenia of what the Word is to the world
And the Kingdom of the Word will oust the world at the Lord's return.

In the absence of the Word is a battle
If anyone is conforming to this world
Such will wander like Cain in the world
And one's being will not know peace 

Becoming like Christ - the Word
Should be the central focus of the world
In other for people in the world
Not to end up in the wall of hell
But, to have eternal life…
For the world is only ephemerality
But, the Word is to eternity.

Gabriel Oluwatomiwa Eniola is a passionate Christian writer. He hails from Badagry, Lagos, Nigeria. He is a student.

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