We are so glad to announce the release of the debut book of Oluwatoyin A. Olojo, “BEAUTY FOR ASHES.”

About the Book

Beauty for Ashes by Oluwatoyin A. Olojo is a masterpiece on healing, love, faith and hope with love being the foundation.  It describes the unique journey of man with God, a true Christian life, and that of other people using the author’s life as a canvas for the reader’s reflection. It also emphasizes the ways and need to let go of every pain from the past in order to fully embrace the beauty in the present and expected future.

Oluwatoyin A. Olojo

About the Author

Olojo Oluwatoyin Anu was born in Lagos, Nigeria as the first child to Mr. Funso Olojo, an erudite journalist and Lady Evangelist Grace Olojo. She is blessed with three wonderful siblings.

She had her primary and secondary education in Lagos before proceeding to the University of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria to study Foreign Languages with Majors in French. She graduated in 2016 and is currently running her master’s degree in International Law and Diplomacy at the University of Lagos.

She is a lover of God whose journey with God is influencing the reshaping of her generation.  Her sole mission is to raise a shame-free tribe for Kingdom advancement; a tribe willing to shamelessly fight for the truth of the Gospel as inspired by the Holy Spirit.

She currently works as a financial/insurance advisor and salesperson. When she’s not prospecting, she is either cooking, reading or writing articles or copies.  Her first published book Beauty for Ashes also gives you the liberty to call her an author.


• Beauty for ashes captures within it a revolution that secures the future of the church; for in the last days, the mountain of Lord’s house shall be exalted and all the nations shall flow into it. This is a surge within the great awakening, the revival that’ll cover for not just the spiritual dimension of men but their souls also. In search of healing for a sore soul? Encounter mercy and truth within the pages of Beauty for Ashes.

– Babalola Timilehin,
Minstrel and Leader, Household of God (aka. Builder’s Network)

• This is an absolutely timely message of hope, with which the author reveals to us the mind of God for a time as this, all in a Storytelling format.
You think you need healing from your past? Then, Beauty for ashes is the right tonic solely prepared for you, to take you on a step by step guide till you become victorious over the monster called “Past”.
– Awoniyi Ayooluwa,
Ibadan, Nigeria.

That emotional pain is justified!

Come on, let’s justify it together.

That rape or molestation memory only hurts because your guardians could have been more sensitive. They’re not omnipresent anyway.

Those reasons for your corporate or commercial sex work has to be some pressing needs. Those insatiable needs are never exhausted though.

The person you respect so much as a spiritual leader started acting up and running from church and God feels like the best option. They’re human too anyway and afterall salvation is per head.

You’re constantly evaluated based on what you bring to the table and not who you are, you’re not even allowed to cry. News flash! Jesus wept!

The persons you love so much think you’re not good enough to be in their lives. You can’t blame people for their short sightedness. Jesus also feels same way with many of us.

Maybe I should stop already. What or who else are you blaming for that pain? Stop the pity party already! It’s not worth it?
It’s time to burn them off and let go of the ashes as the Holy Spirit is set to give you Beauty in exchange for them through this book.

No, it’s not some motivational shenanigan, it’s a step-by-step guide that comes with a workbook and a 7 day devotional.

Come on, get up and book your copy now.

Now available

You can reach the Author
WhatsApp +2349135072800


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