Divine Encounter With Jesus Christ (My Testimony) by Chinwe Chinaka – PAROUSIA READS

We are pleased to announce the release of “Divine Encounters With Jesus (My Testimony)” by Chinwe Chinaka. This is a memoir written to inspire you to march into victory.

Chinwe Lillian Chinaka hails from South Eastern Nigeria, she is the fourth child in a family of seven: four girls and three boys. She hold a Post graduate Diploma in Education from University of Benin and a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Science with Social Policy from Open University United Kingdom. It was during her one year youth service programme in Nigeria she met her husband.

They got married immediately after youth service in 1996. Few years later, they relocated to Republic of Ireland in a miraculous manner, and this divine relocation made her the only survivor among four amazing sisters. She established Divine Mercy for Africa in Ireland, assisting different people and their different needs in Nigeria. She lives with her husband and children.

This is her true life story/experience centered on the efficacy of prayers made with genuine intentions, from her purity of heart. It is the positive outcome of true faith and trust in God, driven out of divine inspirations. It is the true existence of Jesus Christ and also His true divine presence in our lives, especially at the moment of uncertainty. It is whom Christ is – His faithfulness, mercy, goodness and favour in our life. In addition, it depicts the true picture of light triumphing over darkness. This was her vow made on the 25th of November, 2009 in Christ divine presence at her local parish in Ireland, at her near death experience, a moment when people she looked up to in life failed her.

ISBN: 9789785876703
ISBN-10: 9785876705
Publisher: Alakowe Firm Parousia
Publication Date: April 14th, 2021
Pages: 618
Language: English

Now available at


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