What Defines Healing by Ololade Edun | Poetry | Heal The World Issue #12 | PAROUSIA Magazine

To heal is to let go of your broken past,
Retold sins and the will to forgo those ills,
Creating a new human from the ruins of old souls,
A new you baptized with abundant Grace.

To heal is to merge your present with God,
Confess old sins and drink from his cup of grace,
Bathe your soul with his words until they stick,
A memento – that his grace lasts forever.

To heal is to create a world on planet Earth,
Living in the throes of good and evil,
To agree that there is a superior being,
One who weaves and clothes all He created.

I write this piece to a condemned soul,
A human with spots like the leopard,
To myself who truly needs this,
To me who truly must find healing.

About The Author

Ololade Edun is a contemporary Nigerian creative and a graduating student of Microbiology. His works have featured and forthcoming in anthologies, blogs amongst others. He has interests in the areas of Medicine, Literature, Sciences, and Leadership. He is a Parliamentarian, Author, a finalist with the Tobi Coker Writing Competition and a former Editor-in-Chief of NAMS OAU. When he is not writing from his little cottage in Ilé-Ifẹ̀, Ololade is either in the laboratory culturing microbes or drowning in Indian/Pakistani playback songs.


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