Three poems from Kwaghkule Jacob | Poetry | Heal The World Issue #12 | PAROUSIA Magazine


Our hopes have flown
And our dreams drowned
In the shattered streams
Of anxiety and perplexity
Shadowed by dreariness.

Die not the smearing sun
For thy creatures need it.
Die not the scorching sun
For the whole world weeps
For the coldness of the dawn.

Our sight is blurred,
But the thundering voice
Of a blissful son
Shall change the shrieky tune
Of wails; Christ is the healing.


The world is at war;
Fighting an invisible rival
Whose fame of victory
Spreads like a wildfire
Circulating flames of furies
Into the burning minds of men.

Bring not bow and arrows
For the enemy’s shell is sturdy,
Stronger than that of a coconut.
Bring not spears,
For it only ignites anger
As a gun only steams in vain.

The human race
Needs to pray for the grace
To run this race of plague
Like a perfect runner
In order to win this war
Masterminded by a monster.

Let’s now wrestle with words
Against this spiking virus
For by the Son’s name
Every kneel shall bow and
Every tongue be twisted to confess;
Indeed, Jesus will win this war again.


The society is sick
Of a forceful invader
That frowns at all kind;
Both Kings and Queens,
Young and old
And silent their souls.

O gracious God from above
In whom we look to live
Our feeble efforts are in vain
Nurse and nurture us with Jesus
In whose strength we strive to stay
And let us never to stray from you.

About The Author

Kwaghkule Aondonengen Jacob is an Awarded Nigerian poet who is popularly known by his pen name “Mr Kvip”. His poetic pieces appeared at Praxis Magazine, Indian Periodical, The Best of Africa Magazine and forthcoming on TLOP anthologies including elsewhere.

He is currently a penultimate student of English and Literary Studies at Federal University, Wukari, Taraba State, Nigeria.


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