Four Poems from Emmanuel Momoh | Heal The World Issue #12 | PAROUSIA Magazine

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To the ones whose eyes have seen gory days
And those whose hope went up in flames
There’s a panacea to every hurt, every pain
Come all ye, let this name be your shade
To the ones who’ve had their backs to the wall
And those the locusts devoured their crops
Don’t just sit and mourn and count your loss
Rise up, look yonder, find solace in the cross
I know your essence have been smeared with poignant pains
& life has gifted you moonless nights, cloudy days
Rejoice o brother, the sun will rise again
And those dead bones will surely live again
Come all ye, out of your grieving nest
Cast all your cares into this ancient basket
For he waits, & he craves to dry your tears
To be your Savior & your lover & your one true friend
Come, all ye broken, battered & bereft
Though cast down, you’re not destroyed yet
Come to the King, who died, rose & now forever rules
He’ll heal your wounds, and make your ashes beautiful.


To the lucky living witnesses
Who mourned with earth during her malady
Those dreary days and moonless nights
To the ones who still survived

To the lads who’ve aborted their dreams
And the men who already scrawled their wills
Who already prepared to die
But luckily jumped the line

I’m not gonna ask you how you felt
Having pain and fear as kingsmen
Nor ask how many you’ve got left
Cos those memoirs come with tears

There’s life again in our mother’s pulse
So let’s come out of our grieving huts
Let’s start from where the virus left us
There’s a glimmer in the dust

Let’s come with all the lessons learnt
As we learn to live Our lives afresh
Come near and let us ask ourselves
Where next to go from here.


Let us place warm palms on our brother’s shoulders
Let’s tell him “we’re in this together”
Let’s not just be our brother’s keeper
But His healer, and the reason he’s still plunging further.

Let us hide our pain in our tears
And cry them out as a mighty rain.,
Let us set that rain on fire with burning zeal and relentless resilience
And then retreat to watch it flow under the bridge into the sea.

Let positivity shield our broken hearts,
So optimism grafts every piece together..
Let’s give sorrow and sadness eviction letters
And call the idle moon to witness this final funeral
Of how we’d bury our fears n worries six feet under.

Before the morning dawns.,
Let us tiptoe to the hut were peace and happiness do hide
Let’s wear hope as glasses so that;
Rather than dark clouds, we’d only see the silver lining

Let us hurry,
Now that the sun is still snoring
Lest he wakes up and meet us unready,
For tommorow is pregnant with the unknown
And laden witj stories yet untold.

Let us do these
For tomorrow, we’ll all gather to harvest..
The seeds we planted this night

And tommorow,
When every man wears shoes of different sizes,
Let us remember that we sowed different seeds yesternight.


Stop, think., Ponder
Pause, look., Ponder deeper!
Stop my Friend, Pause my beloved brother Come. let us ponder this matter together…
Come. Let’s look yonder, n beckon for answers
Or doesn’t it seem a bit abnormal
How you must now greet your mother from a distance?
Stop, think., Reason
Pause, see., Reason deeply!
Stop my friend, reason fellow earthling.
Come. Let’s seek through bended knees
Come. Let’s put aside our differences
Can’t you see, our world’s now crumbling to bits and pieces
Or do you still dine and merry
While corpses litter our streets in piles and heaps?
Stop, think, ponder and pray!
Pause, kneel, seek the Alpha’s face
Brother, stranger., Let’s weep a sea for the Ancient of Days
How come you still loiter and play
When you must now wear a mask on our frightened face?
Let’s beg Him for a pill that’d ease this pain
Let’s beg Him for a wind to douse this flame
For no one will be saved except He shortens these Days.

About The Author

Momoh Emmanuel is a blooming poet and writer. Who hails from Edo state, southern Nigeria. He stumbled on his passion for writing In 2018 and since has tons of poems to his credit. He goes by the pen name- De Thriving Poet. He enjoys learning french, listening to gospel music and reading fictional and adventurous books for leisure.


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