IF SILENCE COULD SPEAK by Roberta Monokroussos | Poetry | Heal The World Issue #12 | PAROUSIA Magazine

Photo by Wings Of Freedom on Pexels.com

The babbling brook grows silent before the still waters
joining forces reports exchanged about upriver quarters
the redwood forest’s shafts of light through the sacred steeple
the sound of silence the soul soaring to galaxies beyond gospel

the silvery sequined sleeve of the sophisticated gown
worn at the ballroom dances, governor’s balls, senior proms
the sparkling stream sidling down the steep mountain crown
picnic baskets, bread cheese and fine wines, hiking with aplomb

people talking without listening to the sounds of silence
people coming to conclusions without thinking expired license
the leaves whisper the sounds of transience midst the permanence
of old oak trees with the circles of the trunk marking their age

man’s wrinkles delineate the years spent in the life of the sage
the moon and the sun rise and set tides ebb and flow
crops are planted and harvested reaping the consequences we sow
groceries and goods journey down the river by barge and tow

what do the waters and the land say as they gurgle and slide
geysers unveiled waters well up mountains erupt land subsides
abundance of gifts to share limitless air everywhere
be a steward my brother my sister with deeds of care

a gardener of the earth to find the flowering mirth
a hunter of ideas and ideals of the globe’s wide girth

all neighbors under the sun singing dancing having fun
all neighbors unbound soft spoken freedom run acting as one


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