Three poems from Abigail-Tydale Bassey | Poetry | PAROUSIA Magazine

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walked into the king’s lair
with little hope whatsoever

her first attempt was at dinner

her shaking voice asked for
pray about the plot of people
like Haman
eating with you
and beating bones into your throat:
an enemy.

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What’d you make of so raging thoughts
gathered beneath your eyes?
See, they sag_
with very pale glow;
voice locked in your throat _
hardly, a word comes through.

Around is a wind of fear:
closing in on you _
many doubts tuck in your waist
and your soul? panting

through dark forest paths;
crickets chirping, calling crimes you know by name,
you’ve done_
ugly sins.

Trapped, you are:
feeling it’s over.

Set your heart above;
scramble through _search
further and deep;
rest? not ever.
There’s a petty old road:

His voice’s so still,
It’s sweet
and comforting;
open your heart,
don’t hold a thing back,
not now!

He’s the way.
He’s the Life.

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Travelling through this troubled world, by and by
As rivers of tears run deep in many hearts
And though hope, like the eagle, rests on high parts,
I know, we’re born to win even though we die.

Day might turn night; earth groan to meet with the sky
Sweat and blood cry; what if tomorrow’s thwarted?
Travelling through this troubled world, by and by
As rivers of tears run deep in many hearts.

We’ve comfort to leave; wear confidence to fly
Let the rains beat you hard, sun prick deep like darts
There’s strength within _ to pull so faster than that
‘Cause we’re born to win, we must lift our faith high
Travelling through this troubled world, by and by.


Abigail-Tydale Bassey believes that all things shall pass away, but the Word of God. She’s a teacher, historian, caterer, hair stylist and fine artist. In 2018, she was recipient of the Chinese Ambassador’s Scholarship Awards for best students in the University of Calabar, Nigeria where she studied History and International Studies.

Abigail’s poetry has provided an opportunity for her to write to heal the world. Daniel 12:3 is her favorite scripture. She lives in Uyo, Nigeria.


4 thoughts on “Three poems from Abigail-Tydale Bassey | Poetry | PAROUSIA Magazine

  1. Everytime I read through these poems, I feel an energy soaring from within telling me “high flyers go through a lot, don’t let your dreams die”. I do nothing but caresses with every energy awaken from being here.


  2. I’ve been following your works for sometime now… Safe to say that every new project still gives me the butterfly in my belly feeling. Keep growing 🌹


    Liked by 1 person

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