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The Moabite Damsel by Uchenna T. Ukeka | Book | PAROUSIA Reads

We are pleased to present to you the debut book of Uchenna T. Ukeka “The Moabite Damsel.”

This new book published by Parousia is an exciting book which is meant for every woman.

About The Book

She went through the rough rides of life and still became an icon to reckon with. Even her background could not put her back on the ground of defeat.
Ruth is one of the bible characters that depicts the phrase “From grass to Grace.” She was at the back side of life and with time, by a careful application of principles, she became a front liner in destiny.

The book The Moabite Damsel is Gods strategic tool to help young ladies understand the needed principles for greatness and preparing for their marital future.

This book was written to help anyone, irrespective of your background, locality, or ethnicity, know that greatness is achievable and having a great future is possible.OkadabooksParousiareadsAmazon

About the Author

Uchenna T. Ukeka, called with a mandate of restoration through leadership, writing, speaking and teaching Gods word.

He is the set man Over X-pressions, an online platform that has been nicknamed THE COLLEGE OF TRUTH because it has helped its participants intermeddle with Light from Gods word. X-pressions has reached over 100 young minds with the mandate of restoration.

He is a trained public speaker and leadership consultant. He began his leadership journey from his teenage age and have been privileged to serve in so many capacities.

He is a trained Statistician from The Federal university of Technology, Minna.

He is passionate about making people realize their greatness in God and addict to Loving Jesus.



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