SYCAMORE by Ayodeji Oje | Poetry | PAROUSIA Magazine

A single, mature Sycamore tree in a field by Dove Stone reservoir in the north of the Peak District national park, England. A bright day in late September.


Touch of white and blushing blue wears you,
yet you’re short of the touch of life.

Seas of men you’ve sailed,
yet you’re but a shadow from heaven’s plain.

To sycamore you’ve clung like a drowning man to a life boat,
yet Jesus’ cloak you’ve missed and missed.

Descend. Sinner, descend from your sycamore,
and let the ascending life embrace you.

Ayodeji Oje is from Badagry Local Government, Lagos. His work, Africanus, is published by Eboquills. He lives in Lagos, Nigeria.


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