Announcing the launch of our new website – PAROUSIA Magazine

It is with great delight we announce the launch of our newly designed website. Visit us at After months of hard work and diligence, we are delighted to officially announce the launch on September 3 2020. We wanted to make the new website faster, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly.

Our goal is to create a platform where the knowledge and understanding of God would be made available through literature reaching nations, covering the earth. We publish good news, give voice to writers all over the world and support the Christian walk of faith.

We have a passion to; Promote the gospel, Christian arts and literature and we seek to inspire, empower and encourage every reader who comes across every of our published works, and exhibit the works of our writers, poets and artists.

I would also like to thank our amazing staffs at PAROUSIA Reads & Magazine who donated their time and energy to make this site what it is and every of our authors, writers, artists and poets who have waited with us during the making of this website.
I will like to inform you that Abmbola Olaleye is our new Editor. You can welcome her by sending her a mail

Work commences immediately. Thank you for your patience.

For any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments, please E-mail us at

Thank You!

Tola Ijalusi
Founder/Creative Executive Director
PAROUSIA Reads & Magazine

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