Dying to Live

I feel the hell in the stress
For hyperthermia is burning me,
Its eating the remain of me
As the new terror in my own town.

Oh! Gracious Lord, take my hand
Undress this scary terror
That’s here to eat my body
For in your name I seek healing.

Walk me to River Jordan
Let me wash myself seven times
To free my blood from Hyperthermia
For with you possibility is in abundance.


Come Save the Lost Souls

They trekked into the dark tunnel
after the evil breeze has quenched
all their fine flickering lamps.

The end is far
but their souls are weak
like the five foolish virgins.

Alone in their distress
an arrow of confusion
with the quiver of lost
stroke their weak souls again.

Come oh! Lord
light their flickering lamps
uncage them from their confusion
and the lost that’s weakening their souls
for you’ve said in your alluring book
that dry bones shall rise again.

His Grace

It walks side by side with me
kissing my soft cheek with smiles.

It fills my goblet
with pure wine of love.

It tranquilizes my soul
with pure heavenly calmness.

Let my soul kneel beside his empty tomb
like the daughter of Zion
and tell you more about his grace.

His grace is a crown of peace
in the eyes of men that wants more of him.

His grace is the luscious rain
that comes in at night
without destroying our homestead.

His grace is the inscription
in the beauty of the stars and-
in the cuteness of the glowing moon at night.

His sublime grace is the sparkle
from the dazzling sun at dawn.

And his grace has saved my household
from the snare of earthly complication.


Daniel Singfuri Yohanna hails from Cham district, Balanga L.G.A of Gombe state Nigeria. He is a graduate of Education (English) from the University of Maiduguri. His works have appeared in an international anthology title “The Markas.” Three of his poems have appeared in Parousia Christian Magazine. He is a member of Unimaid Artist Club, he is also a member of Borno Literary Society. He has euphoria for poetry, prose and drama. His favorite Bible verse is found in Philippians 4:13. His stage name is Nature. He writes from Rivers, Nigeria.



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